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Altis Life - Purge Day


Altis Life: Purge Day  

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Reborn Roleplay: Purge Day!

All Crime Is Legal!

Many of you will be aware of the movie The Purge and what its all about. After recent events involving the police and rebels i think its time we have an actual
annual event that is maybe held once every 2/3 months. We can do a big build up to the day with a countdown and the developers can get involved in making
the map look a bit more scary.

I have thought about what the police could do as i know its unfair that they will have free gear each time. The Police Force can patrol inner cities clearing purgers
from the streets and helping random civilians in need of assistance, athough this random civilian may not need assistance and can choose to spray the cops down.

NLR doesnt exist only for cops who cannot go back to where they died for 15minutes.

It all about who you trust, form small groups patrolling cities and roads killing anything in your path or recruit them to your purge!

Purgers will be allowed to shoot cops on site but cops can only retaliate once they have been fired upon.

Revives,medics and also cop texts could be turned off as the original purge includes no emergency services available.


If accepted the event could run for 1 full day or 2 restarts depending on how popular this becomes.

Also if possible only nightime is available?


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2 hours ago, Thesoldier said:

hell no its a RP server, go play wasteland or Academy TDM

That's just your opinion, a lot of members I have spoken with who play regularly like the idea as it gets everyone in the community involved such as developers to change certain areas of the map and admins to control situations, rebel gangs wil obviously enjoy it and have something to spend their money on as paul has stated, the cops will also be involved. Just because it's an RP server doesn't neccasarily mean you can't have such events it takes nothing away from what this community strives to achieve if anything it shows the leniency that we have towards trying new ideas which is nothing but a positive. Also as stated in the post if it becomes such where nobody is interested then of course cut the purge time down to one restart or an hour.

I of course made this post with intentions of bringing more people to the server as they will work through the month to gain money to spend on such days like this which means more people playing on a daily basis it's not just about one day of killing everyone, hopefully the admins such as yourself and @Fuel @Neo will come up with the appropriate rules for the event if it's given the go ahead.

Basically there is no harm in trying but of course there will be divided opinions but at least think of the positives before the negatives.

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Roleplaying doesn't mean theatre. It means playing a role. Rambo is simply putting forward a roleplay scenario for a purge, in which everyone involved roleplays accordingly. Whether they just to bunker down in a house or go out killing people, they are playing a role.

If Staff give this the go ahead I really see no issue with this from a Police PoV. Would give everyone a break and a bit of fun.

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