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13 minutes ago, IceZaroth said:

Realistic ... The speed boat is smaller than a boxer truck(as in the box area), as far as storage and that would be correct

You know what i mean, boats are useless, due to the low capacity, noone would not even bother doing anything on the water, except when there was a HM boat wreck, and then they would just take a heli instead

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Yea, I get what your speaking about and I understand, but then I take a look at the reality and think about the fact that arma by all definition is a video game/simulation.

So on the one hand I have the fact the trucks on land do have more storage because there ment too just like in real life and the simulation tryied to keep to that as much as possible

On the other hand I see it from the game side and players side where we have the power to make boats a little bit more useful and interesting, also making them more interesting also give a job back to maritime police boats, if we were to implement a water police presence, lets concentrate on getting the server up and we can take a look at this in the future.

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