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Drug Dealers

Papa Hedge

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Just throwing a little idea out there...

Drug dealers move location after each restart and are not shown on the map.

So hear me out...

After each restart the drug dealer(s) will be relocated to another position from a pool of (just as an example) 10 possible sites. This, in my opinion, opens up some rather interesting scenarios for both the Police and the Rebels.

First the Rebels - As a gang, do you send out scouts to find the dealer? How many do you send? Do you send enough to control the area and compromise the amount of trucks and therefore cash you could potentially make? Do you sell the location to other gangs or do you rat them out to the Police to clear the way for you? Will you go straight to the dealer knowing the police might still be looking for his location too? What then? Do you control the area and charge tax for using the dealer or do you kill rival gangs and take their bounty for your own? Lot's of decisions to be made.

For the Police - Actual detective work! Do you bust guys at the fields? The processors? Or do you tail them to the dealer? What then? Do you bust them or use them to wipe out a rival gang in a deal? Once you've found the dealer, do you put him on lockdown and arrest anyone coming close or do you let the gangs sell and question the dealer for names afterwards (with big bounties applied)? Again, more decisions to be made.

I would also like to see the dealer tell the person selling to him that he might have been compromised so it might not be a good idea to sell at that time. This would happen once the Police have found the dealer and questioned him.

So that's pretty much it. I appreciate that there would be a fair few custom scripts etc for this one but I think it would make the whole 'end game' element for gangs and police a lot more interactive and far less mundane.

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I actually think this is a great idea, having a moving drug dealer after each restart is great, aswell the fact you can not see it on the map, NOONE can see it on the map, makes it fairplay, gives the police a chance to find it, and guard it for a short period, or prepare an ambush at the dealer if it is, since the rebels/civs, migth not know they know where it is.

I like the idea, i see potential in it.


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Ok lets get this sorted out like a real life situ ...

The drug dealers move randomly each restart, but the drug dealers is a business meaning they would always let there suppliers know where they move too but the last people to get told would be the police.

So this is more of a challenge for the police, the gangs know after each reset where the Drug Dealer has moved too but the police have to find out for themselves, now this could mean sending out a man hunt to each location until they find it or could mean a timed delay before a Informant sends the police a tip off as to where the Drug Dealer is located.

This is more real world then anything and would be the ultimate to impose on the server but I dont think its possible NOT yet but in time anythings possible i'm sure.

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If you're talking about scrublord drug peddlers, sure you'd know where they are, you'd have their phone number and can meet them pretty quickly for a quick transaction. But when was the last time you saw a peddler buy a whole container full of dope?

The people who buy and sell in such quantities don't walk around advertising it, they have workers, traders, counters doing all the work so they can keep their hands clean and remain anonymous.

Equally, comparing a computer game idea to real life isn't the way to do it. Things have to be fair for all parties as without fairness it would be deemed 'op' which in turn would lead to resentment, arguments and ultimately a salt fest.

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24 minutes ago, Lewis said:

Seem to know a lot about drug dealing Mr Hedge...... :D But yeah, you have to make sure that it doesn't become overpowered in one groups favour. It would be cool for the police to have to send out a team to help look for the drug dealer instead of automatically knowing where he is.

I might have spent the early part of my adult life in a rough place... :ph34r:

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