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Most BS rule ever

Vlad Vagin

Yes or No to change the rule  

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  1. 1. Yes or No to change the rule

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Im gonna try to keep on point, gonna be hard cause this is just bs.

That u cant return after NLR to a HM like any other situation is just bs. Just bs.....

makes no sence, and thats it.

Either its like the normal NRL or normal NLR need to be changed so its the same

Vote Y or N
Let us return after 15 min like anything else or keep it like this........

Edited by [TB] Vlad Vagin
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15 minutes ago, Skyzzem said:

Keep it the way it is, its better, it get rid of alot of confusion when everybody is aware of the rule!

So that should be a general NLR then like that all the time.
Why should it be "special" for the HM..... makes no sense

Unless sorry to say, people dont handle getting killed by a guy they already killed, cause thats the point here

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If you change the rule, you will get that one person sitting just far out enough shooting every 2 minutes until his friends can re-gear up, full ammo, full health ect.. and return.

Alternatively, you will get people bringing previous knowledge from a past life and using it, IE: Cops locations and what not.

Since you cannot enforce the bringing past knowledge into the situation, what really is the point.

I vote no

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