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TFU Weapon Storage


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So i was thinking instead of rebels going around robbing cops for black weapons , there would be a compound (which im working on now) where you can rob it like the HM , and make it compatible with Lord of War , where you get black weapon bundles like the MX , MXM , MXSW and Mk-1 in the black variants.

Then you have the choice of selling them or trade them in for "the real thing".

This is because i know that SOME cops find it annoying where they constantly getting robbed , and in my POV i'm only doing it for the black guns and comfy berets.







Weapon Cache:


Later i will post some screenshots of the compound im designing , but if the place is not good ill move it some place else , if this is a possibilty of getting a reality.

Note : I still need to fine tune the outter walls , and add some more things which can be used as cover.

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16 minutes ago, Chelston said:

Isn't the attraction to police only weapons the fact that it had to be robbed or taken from a cop?

well i had a chat with a few cops where they say that sometimes they get tired of constantly getting robbed so i maybe this is the solution.

Also great spot for firefights , nice bushy area and some hills you can lay on

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