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Lack of Medics


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theres always around 0 medics on, sometimes 1-2 but most of the times theres 0 medics on, you guys should increase the pay higher of medics and to get into medics make it harder

make the training harder or some rule if they are on as medics and they dont do nothing the medic status will get removed and all the money from the bank "IF they only camp for the money"

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4 minutes ago, PaulS said:

I agree pay increase would be nice for them but how would making it harder increase medics? :o

to apply, its abit harder, since if the pay is bigger there will be more medics but some medics will 100% afk, also for medics the job is harder so they deserve more paid since they have to travel around the map to save people etc

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Ii completely understand the point you are trying to make.

Over the next week or so we will be allowing anyone Constable or above into the position of First Responder without application but in the form of an application of interest and then they may immediately proceed to the interview progress. Depending if they pass or not they will receive their rank with ease.

The same goes for Sergeants although if they pass the same progress they will be put into the position of Paramedic or First Responder depending on their results.

We have done it like this purely because we believe if you can pass your module 2 police test and or make it to the rank of SGT you have 'sufficient' roleplay experience to become a medic

Many thanks, GenuineAF

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