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Rule for reporting people


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Seen to many Occasions where people get banned by just a video that has been send to an admin. Report a player is not here for nothing. I think it is just best if you that Desperatply want someone banned it should go on the forums. If you send a video to an admin the person involved cannoy defend himself before he is allready banned.

I rule that states that you have to report players on the forums should be in place imo....

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I agree on this one.

I think that if a video is sent to an admin, it would be a lot better if they could just reply, "Please put a report up on the forums".
The only exception to this is if it is for example....... mass RDM, hacker, etc... and a report should still be written for logging purposes, however action can be immediately taken.

Not only is this good for logging reasons (unless you already have someone else that logs how many times someone has been banned, etc...) it also gives the person who has said, "I don't wish to resolve this with you" a chance to give their say, their input and their reasoning as to why things went the way that they did.

It is also a lot more professional as well. :)


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Most of the time when admins ban on a video only basis they do so to prevent further poor roleplay or rule breaking. As you all know bans here are not permanent unless you have done something severe. Easy solution to everyone's problem when/if you are banned without a report log in to teamspeak and talk with the admin who banned you. Doesn't take long and I'm sure you can go without playing for 10/15mins

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