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So this idea just popped in my head for a new event!

So the idea:

You could have a really important person being escorted by police. The person could be Fuel or a admin and the rp reason could be that - He is the king of Altis, he needs to go to a urgent meeting in sofia but his his helicopter is stuck is stuck in a blizzard in Stratis or Tonoa. So he has hired/asked the Police Department to take him to his meeting and protect him from anyone trying to assassinate him... The king is known for his corrupt work and how he bought his way to leadership, and that is why people are willing to kill.


No break of NLR, When the convoy reach sofia all acts of initiation and combat is over and the Police and king win,


The assassins could be anyone with rebel licence and willing to lose there gear (no comp) If a gang attacked the convoy then all of the members of that gang is initiated and are shoot on sight. The assassins can work together to take the King out or to go against each other BUT they must initiate on that gang if they are not working together.


So the police if initiated on will be able to take out any armed assassins (Rebels). They can not come back to the situation as it would be fail rp and not fair upon the assassins. They can choose what car/truck the King is in and what they are allowed to have, baring in mind what assassins can have as well.

Feel free to change anything to this e.g/ the rules and name of the person... After all it's just a suggestion.



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