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New Drug Dealer


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So i am one of the rebels that is glad that the drug dealer in Kavala has been moved from that horrible spot... But the spot it has been placed in is not the best either. I have been looking for place where it would be suitable and i came across the old Police Station. I think this would be a good location because it is quite surrounding place as in there are places where people may get set up and cover or to rob. It also is a extra walk or drive to a ATM so that the person selling can't just run into Kavala square and not get robbed. From a sellers point of view it is quite reasonable becasue you come out onto a main road and it is easy to escape robbers or police. From polices perspective they won't need to camp it out becasue they can see it from the 'PD' . Baring in mind that if this was to happen and situation was going down then the police would not be allowed to shoot from the 'PD' and the rebel(s) are not allowed to shoot into the bluezones at the police. There could also be some more and different types of roleplay in stead of just ''I'm going to church'' xD ... Of cause you would have to get rid of the buildings inside and replace them with other buildings of such to make it look more realistic maybe a building with graffiti, or a container with a door hanging off. If you could give this a look over or maybe a trial to see how it works out i would appreciate it.



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I personally think there will never be a perfect spot. Everybody is going to pitch an area as it being perfect due to a tactical advantage that others don't know.

I like the area where it is at the moment due to it being not limited to cars/air vehicles. I know what your thinking, who the fuck does drugs in a boat... but its a true fact, I have seen people rocking up to drug dealer with a little dingy and being on their merry way.

I think, only having a week with the new location isn't enough time to re-adjust to the change, also, if the drug dealer moves to where its being pitched, you will have the issue of trigger happy cops trying to shoot the helis down as they fly over kavala to the location, just as did when it was located at the church.

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