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Demolition Derby Event


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Demolition Derby


Friday 2nd December

This friday the show you have all been waiting for, where everyone on the island is welcomed. You will all battle to the death in Ifrits,hunters, striders for the grand prize of 5 MILLION POUNDS , 2nd place will get 3 MILLION POUNDS, 3rd place will get 1 MILLION POUNDS. all loser will get nothing. the event will start around 8:30 everyone is welcome to gly there themselves, if not you can send an admin message i will teleport you to the location. All ifrits, hunters, striders will be provided on the day, hope to see you all there.


1st prize 5 mill

2nd prize 3 mill

3rd prize 1 mill

there will be police and civs there so please cops no aressting because there wanted, and civs please no robbing people. server event not a robbing event

all vehicles will be provided (if you attempt to steal them you will be teleported into ocean and left there)

Location will be the small salt flats at there very west of the map




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