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I want to make a building

Isaac Wolf

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now you are probabley thinking that the title is wierd but the title says it all im looking for a project to start on and i was browsing this site and i thought it would be amazing to creat a build ie bank ( even though alot of people like it i personally have never seen it) Or a Police station or even a prison. basically i would love if you guys could wright down any thing you think that i can make any way got to rush the post so ill probably change it later o that it makes more sence cya

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21 hours ago, Isaac Wolf said:



Also everyone keeps going on about a new smaller bank but i think that is already being done by someone else.

I would say try and make a rebel outpost or gang hideout or even a gang base as I have heard alot of people talkign about wanting a gang base for their gang.

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