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civilian proffesion


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If we look at the current finacial flow, to earn ÔÇ£the big bucksÔÇØ people are forced to go in to the illegal activity's. But for those whom try to earn there money the legal way, they have to work: 3 times harder, risking to get robbed 3 times more and risking to lose there money more often, if we compair it to the rebel gangs due to there criminal activity's. Yes, Altis has a high crime rate and we have a police force to protect and to serve those in need.

But for those whom try to earn there money the ┬½ clean ┬╗ way it might be an idea to give them some sort of XP ÔÇô level, wich is equal to a £-multiplier when they sell the end-product. This will also spread out the rebel activity troughout the entire island, if they want to rob, the good citizen. And not souly focussing on drug related activity's (a.k.a. hanging around in the Kavala church). Police will also have to reorganize there way of patroles and maybee be more present in the heli-recon.

Ofcours when the good citizen breaks the law, and get centenced to jail, he will lose that multiplier.

2nd: Please increase the amount of houses people can buy J So, we can invest in realestate.
And police should, then also receive the adress/location of the suspect's house, so they can take a look inside, if he was wanted for example : murder, robbery, etc.

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I like this idea, especially with the multiplier for law abiding citizens, as mentioned the high crime rate, tends to turn people only do drugs, normally it's only new people to arma or the server doing a legal job, and when they reach the end game, there is no law abiding citizens left

- About estate, i would like the idea for now, but there is a issue, people with alot of money will buy almost an entire town, which will ruin it for the new person who wishes to buy his first house, but has to buy it in no mans land

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