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Selling Vehicles to other players


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theres a chop shop ?

but i like the idea, guys building up cars filled with some gun setup and gear setup

small idea came out of my mind aswell, since were talking about selling cars with guns and ammo inside, you guys should make like weapon packs and gear packs that will cost abit more than all the items bought from gang hideout or rebel outpost

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Just the factor of being able to give an old vehicle to a friend for a lower price to help them get started is the thing i think that would help, doing car trading for purchased vehicles only obviously, you cant sell a stolen car via the system, maybe when you list the car for sale ( like black market trader system) but the vehicle only lists after a restart if its in the players garage this makes coding it a little bit easier as it wont get listed for sale unless its in the players garage after a restart.

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