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Claiming vehicles


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I believe I suggested it before but I could find the thread sorry it is a double post. The idea is to have the ability to claim other players vehicles so it becomes yours. I have seen it on other servers. The way it worked was that there was one place on the map where you would be able to claim vehicles. To claim a vehicle you would have to pay the money that you would receive for scrapping that vehicle. After you had claimed the vehicle it would be yours after next restart. This means that the owner would have a chance to get it back. Given the fact all the people with the keys haven't died ofc. This claiming place could be located in the red zone or somewhere else very far away to make sure people dont go around claiming hobos truck boxers just because they can.

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yeah i like that idea much better i mean sometimes ill be driving then battle eye client will crash for example a couple of days ago i was on the way to zavos for a gun and then i died mid way and it takes forever to get there by foot trust me i know the pain and while your gone somebody takes your car through the red zone and bam your car is gone just because battle eye doesnt work. I think that if this idea was put in place the vheicle bieng classified as stolen. and because rp reasons a stolen car would not be forgotten by the police after a "Tidal wave"

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