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Walt Report


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In-game name:


Name of the player(s) you are reporting:


Date of the incident:


Time of the incident:

22:00:30 and 22:22:20

What rule do you believe was broken:

2x RDM. The first one is a clean RDM. The second video is debatable, however I do believe I should at least receive compensation for that.

"Random Deathmatch:

RDM is when someone kills another without any form of roleplay, ie someone shoot someone without a single word said.
If you have been killed by RDM, NLR does not take affect.
It is not RDM if the person was roleplaying before shooting no matter how minimal the RP was, that would be considered Poor RP (see Roleplay Standards rule)."

Any evidence available:


Describe the incident:

First one: I was flying around the HM in my orca. All of a sudden I am sniped out of the orca without anything being said or warnigns shots.

Second video I am driving around in a SUV in a gunfight spotting. I never leave the car, however I am shot by Walt without any words being said to me.

Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned.


Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue.

Yes. He told me to report him...

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As i was involved in the situation and i did issue the approval to fire on the SUV, this is my input as i was driving the Hunter.

As you can see there is a massive gunfight going on all around the area multiple vehicles and rebels, people were decamping
from vehicles left, right and centre. You can clearly see that COOL is involved in the situation as he continuously scouts for them.
As i was not looking behind me all i knew was that i was being chased by multiple vehicles involved in the gunfight especially the ifrit.

Walt then asked if the Ifrit and SUV where to clear to engage to that i replied yes, i did believe that COOL was involved in the situation
and that the 4 officers lives inside the hunter where at great danger due to the pursuit and number of rebels around the area.
If we were to be stopped and engaged it would more than likely lead to multiple officers deaths.

Im not pointing fingers at anyone just giving my input as to why Walt fired at the SUV in the second video.

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Good evening. I'll post my point of view here. This is in no way to try and cause conflict with the C O O L or any of his team, I simply want to provide my point of view and explain my reasoning in the actions I have taken.

Incident #1. The Police responded to a HM Treasury, got into a firefight and began undertaking offensive actions to take the HM Treasury back. During this time, an Orca with the same paint began hovering above DCOM Chivs and remained there for some. These actions, and the visual confirmation I had on a Sniper in the solar plant made me believe the helicopter was attempting to show officers' positions and give the sniper targets to fire upon. We fired warning shots and he flew away. We then proceeded to take the HM Treasury back.

As the situation came to an end I moved to a downed rebels position to remove his firearm and and revive him. I made a call to the medics and I sat there with two officers who would help me arrest and escort the gentleman away. Instead we received urgent communication that an Ifrit was driving around the HM Compound and officers were beginning to pursue. At this time a helicopter also came on scene, a helicopter I believed to have been the same one as before. As we joined the pursuit we were cut off by a red offroad, who then began following us, we were then chasing the Ifrit through the compound, and a black SUV cut us off. With this I told my unit to remain inside the compound as I believed the suspects were attempting to remove police from the compound, take it, and begin another robbery. I received information that a suspect had crashed and was believed to have a firearm. I then saw the helicopter move in to retrieve the suspect and help him escape from Police custody. As the helicopter took off, I fired, killed the pilot and the helicopter crashed.

Reviewing my actions I can understand the issue, and am aware that simply assuming this helicopter was the same one as before, is not enough reason for me to simply go in and kill a person. I should have provided warning shots and made my intentions to the Pilot clear...that being said, in the moment, with the information I had, and the situation as a whole, I thought the Pilot was indeed a threat to Police on the ground, and made the decision to shoot him.

Incident #2. After shooting the Pilot, hanging about and impounding the chopper, we remained in defence of the compound. There was still movement around and Police had reason to believe another attack may commence. Shortly after talking to a gentleman regarding his brother, an officer was shot and killed. Police then began moving into Telos to re-secure it and from what I remember a gunfight broke out. A hunter with 2 officers went out and I believe there were 2 units on the ground, one was killed and the other requested help. The Hunter driver requested immediate assistance from units in the compound. At one point we had about 7 officers in Telos, whilst myself and another remained in the Compound. They all died off and the Hunter picked up any stragglers in an attempt to evac them to the safety of the HM compound. Throughout this incident a silver SUV was identified as a potential threat, it was constantly pursuing the Hunter and given the situation. We had sufficient reason to believe the vehicle a direct threat to Police. As the hunter began making it's escape with wounded officers back to the compound, I gained visual contact on the SUV and given all the information I had , believed I had sufficient reasoning to shoot and kill the driver. He was a threat to officers on the ground, he had never left the scene. I never saw him with a weapon, but his intentions to provide information to harm other officers was clear. So I fired upon him, killing him.

C O O L did indeed approach me and we spoke through TS for quite a while, however he has seen fit to take it further which I understand and something I encouraged him to do should he want to.

I cannot justify the first incident. I believed he was a threat, but I failed to follow police protocol and fire any sort of warning shots. That being said, my only defence is that at the time, I felt his intentions were clear and that gave me justification to take him down. However, as said, after reviewing my actions, I know I was in the wrong.

Regarding the second incident, I feel it can be argued either way. I understand he had no verbal initiation to himself, and that is the bases for which the act has been reported. That being said, you can clearly see he is spotting, you can clearly see the rest of his unit was involved and killing / getting killed, and you can clearly see his intentions through his actions. He was a gang member, with his gang, who were fighting Police at the time. All the visual evidence I had suggested he was a threat, and looking at the actual evidence provided I am correct. Therefore I think the second incident should be dismissed.

I await the admins decision and am happy to answer any questions they , C O O L, or his associates may have surrounding the incident.


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After review and discussion with other staff we believe the second incident you were considered part of the operation by scouting. Although staff have agreed to disagree the consensus was that walt was acting in defense of other officers. It would be different if you were just driving through and were a victim of crossfire, but after a certain point once youre involved in the chase you've entered that situation overtly and made your intentions known.

Now onto the first incident. Your video doesn't show you actually leaving and coming back as which has been described in this thread by the accused himself. He himself admits he violated a police rule, but looking at the intent, I believe this was a judgement call he made in game which we are now reviewing after the facts presented and not actually a intentional rule break. As he is the commissioner of the police, and this is not a police complaint, if he wishes to do the right thing and punish himself for violating police rules he may do so. As far as the server violation goes, he should have given a warning shot and then should have shot for the tail rotor.

In the interest of restorative justice, I will ask that Walt compensate you for anything you have lost in the first incident.

As far as the violation goes, I believe this more of a mistake and teaching moment.

A written warning will be issued which is on record

Action Taken.

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