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15 Minute Rule


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So i have noticed that when people die they come back to the same combat area after 15mins... I know this is allowed but i find it very annoying. Here is my opinion I believe that this should not be a rule because:

1. It is an advantage to the people who come back (Full health/Full ammo/Full food & water/Better Armour and guns)

2. They get better gear that they wouldn't have unless they are expected to get into combat e.g. Instead of MX they get mK18 or higher...

3. They come back into combat with higher positions (on hills) and Know where every enemy is so can sneak up from where enemy would not expect because they have kept eyes on living.

4. If it is cops vs rebels and there is 1 cop left all rebels are down and rebels are in restrains, get revived other cops can bring cars to hep last standing cop.

5. For roleplay experience it is not a good way to roleplay within when situation is over and all is revived. Its like in real life you only get 1 life.

6. Finally to be honest if there is this rule you may as well just get rid of NLR rule.

This is why i think this rule should be not allowed

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I'm sure the NLR rule is intended to portray the following, correct me if I'm wrong...

1. When you respawn you have no knowledge of life beforehand. So you cannot use any information from before your death to your advantage. so after you die you are not supposed to remember anything from your past life only friends and if you have a gang you remember them

2. Your gang must inform you about the battle/war/whatever you want to call it.

People that gear up for the sole purpose of a gun fight looks like to me that they are not interested in RP just having a battle.

I know its not a rule against it but the knowing their positions after you respawn is a bit OP.

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