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Unknown (Didnt show in chat) Report


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In-game name:

[ACF] Connor HighLad

Name of the player(s) you are reporting:

Unknown (Didnt show in chat)

Date of the incident:


Time of the incident:

About 18:10 GMT

What rule do you believe was broken:

Crashed into me then mugged me

Any evidence available:


Describe the incident:

I was driving towards the garage to collect a friend of mine who had recently spawned in at athira. Upon taking a turning, me and another member of the community had a car crash. After this he stepped out of his car and then tried to mug me. After i didnt co-operate due to it being against the rules he killed me

Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned.


Have you tried to resolve it


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1 hour ago, Salty said:

I┬┤m very sorry as i completly forgot about the rule, was a bit rushed because needed to do something and had to go off , if you want i will comp you but next time send me a message in-game or on TS because nowhere i saw a request for us to resolve it.

Check out my comp request to find out the exactly amount you owe me ;) When you transfer it, make another post so that admins know to close the post

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