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Fabrizio R. R. Hernandez

Fabrizio R. R. Hernandez

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In-game Name:

Fabrizio R. R. Hernandez

Steam ID:


Date of the incident:


Time of the incident:

11-12 ish +1

Link to player report:

Lost Items and Estimated Value:

13x LRPS bundles - 5.200.000

Please provide as much detail as possible:

Baiscally me and cool have been "farming" items for 3-4 hours to sell the LRPS scopes supposed to sell for 500k each, when we got the bundles we went to sell em, recieving 100k per item, we then decided to see if we were stupid and tried to make one into a LRPS to see if we sell that one for 500k, but with no result, we had to take a total amount of 1,3m for 3-4 hours of work

Any Evidence Available:


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