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Can we chill out with the side chat anger please


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So I don't have to embarrass anyone by posting chat logs, can we chill out on side chat please.

calling people retarded/<inappropriate>/fucks/cunts/etc...

If you have an issue with someone just say "you broke a rule and did this I want to talk with you on teamspeak" if they argue and refuse just walk away and make a report. Some of the stuff I've seen goes way beyond banter. The anger on side chat is going to drive away new players.


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21 hours ago, Sonny Asif said:

Not toxic and Arma don't go together, its a fact you gonna kinda have to get used to it.

All jokes aside, I played a server called Olympus for a very long time, if you wrote 'KYS' or racial slur in sidechat, it would change it to something completely different

yea you are quite toxic xD

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23 minutes ago, Neo said:


Couldn't agree more @Thesoldier

Don't make me turn the warnings back on.


On a more serious note skyzem and genuine spam my notifications log in after a while like 59 new notifications surely that's a ban for spamming

bunch of cunts

Edited by Finchyy
Added cunts part to go along with the toxicity of this topic
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