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Drug dealer and other points.

Sonny Asif

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As many of you may know, there are X amount of drug dealers on this server, the 'Best' being Kavala, in this post im going to list all the disadvantages of the Kavala drug dealer, and the drug dealer script in general (Not saying it is bad)

Kavala in its natural form:

So, anyone who has played Altis life/Arma for a while will know that Kavla is the most <inappropriate> city in the whole game, by far; this is for many reasons; in Altis life Kavla is seen as the 'scat town' or the 'Starter town' so accompany that you have hobos running around with rook bangers and screaming every rule under the sun, and that is fine, they are new give them some slack, thats kavala. Well on this server the mechanic is for it to give you the most money of any drug run. It is such a cluster fuck with the awful fps, loud and cluttered city and the fact that cops can see it as it is on a main road is very unbalanced.

'King of the hill effect' and Cop balancing.

As of right now Kavala is basically King of the Hill,, having a gang hideout 2.5km away; enough starting money to buy a gat is not the best idea, hobo's with 45's and Spar-16's are constantly checking it, along side police. people running around with guns whilst hemmts of weed sell is not realistic in my opinion. The cop balancing is a very very big factor, I am sure the popo can't camp the sealer, but being that it is on a straight road RUNNING straight through kav is awful, sure the cops can go there for 10 mins, and leave and go to the square to roleplay, However as you can see the drug dealer as soon as trucks pull up I bet you they will go there in mass + the cop station 433m away, very unbalanced.

Roleplay and killing people who were not involved

This is my favorite point out of them all, cops always complain about being killed without warning that they were initiated, which is fine it would piss me off too. Now here are some of the solutions I have come up with

Moving the drug dealer further away (2km) so if a cop is there in a gun fight you and him both know you are there for the same situation

It would help rdm and miscommunication plays

New play styles

Ability to RP without every hobo on the server screaming at you

Nice frames

I like the mechanic but I don't think it is working, leave your thoughts and opinions :)

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2 hours ago, Chadwick said:

What Great Memes @mikeo'neill I always knew it was true xD


What can you say, he doesn't get the name from no where ;)

I would also like to add, the more active the drug dealer is, which means the economy goes. Also a hobo doing a weed run and then getting camped at the dealer at his shit chopped/crushed is a very big turning point to whether they will carry on playing the server

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