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Police Seize


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8 hours ago, Ethan said:

(Low priority due to the amount of stuff that's being worked on) I just thought this would make it easier for police to remove items on the ground, like weapons from dead body's and other forms of gear, otherwise you have to pick it all up, go to the station, get out a car put all of the stuff in and impound it.

hmmm, well thats kind of just realistic is it not?

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1 hour ago, Fuel said:

hmmm, well thats kind of just realistic is it not?

Yeah I definitely agree it's more realistic, but it is more useful to stop such a scenario like an RDM spree, if an officer is in a situation, maybe a shootout, but doesn't have time to put the items in his bag, seizing them will quickly stop all the random Civ's picking it all up and shooting you in the back. Like I said it's just an idea, and a way to make things a bit less hectic.

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