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Compensation Request (Pwnin)


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I was at the heroin processing when i was killed randomly after stepping out of my vehicle, I did not hear any sort of warning and did not personally receive a role play initiation warning. I was shot and then robbed of my gear which Equated to about 400k. Soon after this, police arrived at the scene and decided to crush my vehicle, Most likely assuming it was owned by those who killed me. This truck was loaded with about 800k of Heroin which i guess is a reason to crush it, Unfortunately over all i lost about 1.35 Million as a result. If i was not unfairly RDM'd without an initiation then i would not of lost any of these.

Hopefully i can receive compensation for my loss of Many items and drugs which would not have been lost if roleplay was initiated fairly.

I also forgot that i had further items in my backpack which include the items worn to collect thorium as i purchased them previously. (Think i only had a hazmat suit)

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