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RDM Comp.


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n-game Name:


Steam ID:


Date of the incident:


Time of the incident:

09/11/2016 (18:53:56)

Lost Items and Estimated Value:

261,000 pounds, 36 Refined Thorium (can be comped as 261,000), Bergen backpack, clothing (15,000 worth), NVGs, SPAR-16 Rifle, Suppressor, ARCO, Bi-pod, 6 mags, wet suit (Hazmat), Re-breather, GPS

Please provide as much detail as possible:

i was selling gods at the drug dealer in Kavala and my friend was being robed so i got out my rifle and went beside the building and once i saw risk of going in armed i put my gun away to then be RDM'ed shortly after with no engagement (there was engagement after i was shot it was "put your hands up" once i was dead)

Any Evidence Available:

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Has this been resolved with @Luke Asif?

If not, I suggest you two sit in a channel and talk it out, from what I can see from that short video, is not good, but this is a compensation request, and not a report.

Denied-compensation must come from @Luke Asif and not staff.

How it works:


Get RDM'd---> Try to resolve ---> Ask player for comp ---> if player refuses make player report ----> after player report make comp request

(Contact me on Teamspeak/forums for more assistance or explanation)

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