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Gags / Duct tape


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My suggestion is that Gags or duct tape could be implemented into the server.

This would help in those situations where you have someone in a vehicle after you have dragged them in but they just wont shut up. It's extremely annoying when you are trying to discuss with your team what to do with the unlucky individual and all you can hear is the captive in the backseat screaming about how this is against their human rights.

Eventually the gag or duct tape will come loose after a short period of time (10 mins?) or it could be removed by anyone who is near them.

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Yeah that is true but like i said in an earlier post, it would be nice to gag them in a bid to keep them alive. Some people may just keep talking hoping for their hostage taker to kill them in order to get out of the situation.

Also the police cant exactly just kill someone in order to make them be quiet, that would be what they call "unprofessional".

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