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Hi all.

If you've ever played Runescape you will remember the 0/99 woodcutting etc, and the higher skill level you were, the faster you cut, the better trees you could cut down... happy days.

So, I was thinking about a skill system for the server.

You would originally start out like this:


...so, lets take Lock picking as an example.

When you have 0/10 lock picking, you would have the default percentage to picklock a vehicle.
However, once this turns to 1/10, you would have the default + 10% percentage to picklock a vehicle... and 2/10 = Default + 20% etc.....

The same would be for processing...
When you have 0/10 "Thorium Processing" you would have the default speed of processing Thorium.... however, when you have 1/10 Thorium Processing, you would have:
Default processing speed + 10% (so 10% processing increase) and so on...

You would gain more points into your skills by completing tasks/processing/picklocking often. This would make you more experienced.

This could also be used for RP - Someone would want to have a master pick locker in their gang so they can picklock big trucks etc. You could use this for dedicated jobs too.

Sorry if I have explained this bad, but I think this system would work quite well on the server.

Let me know your thoughts and opinions, whether you like or dislike, whether you think it could be improved/changed, etc..


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