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As much as I appreciate that a nice little introduction would be good, the current one is just too long and the music lasts too long also.

If you could make the "zooming in effect" last half the time, and reduce the music to half the time - I think it would be much better.

Unfortunately, if I be brutally honest, I feel that it is more an 'off-put' for some (or atleast me) that everytime I come into the server I cannot do anything for the first 30 seconds (or however long it lasts) as I have music blasting my ears and a long ass zooming in screen.

Thoughts and opinions welcome, don't mean to come across a dick.


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1 hour ago, Neo said:

it is a bit too loud tbh...

...and too long.

It should end when you're given control over your character (the music) and the zooming in bit should last less time.

Remember, whilst all this zooming and music is happening, your character is standing there like a fruit. What if I wanna dive straight into RP? I can't because I have to wait for zoom and then the music to end :/

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