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Found 4 results

  1. In-game name: aLi112 Steam ID: 76561198075848428 Date of ban: 12/01/18 Reason for ban: The story started when i typed in the global chat : "I'm gonna say the nword" as a meme and then a admin teleported to me saying don't say it but i didn't take him seriously and kept on saying i'm gonna say it in local voice channel which i think got the admin mad and he perm banned me after. I was just missing around i did not say the full nword but only said "I'm gonna say the nword and i'm black" (cause i was roleplaying as a black character) as a meme. I also thought the admin was also missing around with me but i should have took him seriously and i'm really sorry! Staff member that banned you: i am not sure Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: The admin haves all the right to ban me i was kinda stupid to miss around with him i though he was also memeing with me and i kept on saying "i'm gonna say, i'm gonna say it", but at the same time i never said it nor i wanted to i was just missing around from being bored. Why should we unban you? its been more then couple of month and now i know that no messing around with admins nor with racist jokes like that, i will take them seriously and i'm sorry if i offended him in a way i should have been more careful and more respectful and i'm sorry for everything that happen! I never got to play much in this server it seems really cool and i really want to get back on and roleplay with other players and have some good time without ruining other players experience!
  2. bigboy1


    In-game name: GamerJoose Steam ID: 76561198156263007 Date of ban: 03/15/19 Reason for ban: spamming chat and saying that the server was wack in a heat of frustration Staff member that banned you: Paul Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: I believe that my ban was slightly unjustified due to me need sufficient help from a admin resulting in spam due to not getting any help against players that broke multiple rules but faced no consequence. This is my first breach of rules or offence on the server and find it unfair that I was banned straight away and not giving chances or a talk to inform me and what was wrong in my situation. Why should we unban you? You should unban me because im new to the server and misunderstood numerous rules that existed, and admit that I was in the wrong on a few occasions but only acted said way due to frustration. Now I have been informed by Paul and Bob on the rules and what can and cannot be done, I will come back to the server and not act that way again and be more patient with the admins.
  3. In-game name: BIG BEN Steam ID: 76561198071059096 Date of ban: 02/03/19 Reason for ban: There is no real reason. A hacker killed us all in the server. My friends and i got kicked and now we are all banned permanet for (Rascism/toxic). I wrote in the chat that the hacker was a retard but nothing else. My friends didnt write anything and they got the ban too. Staff member that banned you: It doesnt say. It just says Admin kick. Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: As i explained in (Reason for Ban). Me and my friends just got perm banned for no reason. (And i know it wasnt your fault) It was probably a issue with the hacker. Why should we unban you? You should unban me because i wish to play on your server again...
  4. In-game name: SGT. MasterBaiter Steam ID: 76561198078794403 Date of ban: 01/05/2018 Reason for ban: Toxic Staff member that banned you: McTavish Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Its was unjustified because i just swore once in the side channel and didnt even get a warning or anything to stop swearing/being "toxic". Why should we unban you? First of all I'm going to start by saying sorry for being toxic in the side channel. I think even though i was being "toxic" (because I tend to get angry very fast) I should get a second chance on the server and rectify my flaws (stop swearing in the side channel). It was a mistake because i had a pretty trash day today and I couldn't help myself.

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