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Found 3 results

  1. Good Morning, Thank you for taking the time and coming to support me & my campaign staff on our Journey into making Altis Prosper once more! I am, obviously, Richard Jones, and I am now officially announcing my running for the Mayoral Candidacy for the City of Kavala. A great City is measured not by how many people live there, but the quality of lives of the people who live in it. Now is the time for Change, its time to do what is right! It's time for Kavala to take it's RIGHTFUL place as the Crown Jewel of Atlis. Some of you may know of me and some of you may not, but during my time here on the island, since gaining my citizenship, I have spent my time exploring, learning and working with you fellow members of this great society. I've made friends, lost some, but I am blessed to call Kavala my home. I may not be like the other candidates who have previous terms as Mayor or have as much backing as them, but I am a Man of My Word! I have the experience as a leader to call tough calls in tough situations, I've helped many members of this great community get started and insured the weak stand a chance against the strong. My service to this great community started with me founding my company INCAEDUS inc., a legal company focusing on protecting the weak, completing various tasks within the correct side of the law, unlike most "legal" companies! I can proudly say that INCAEDUS inc. has helped Altis Art Gallery update its range of paintings on a handful of occasions, disposing of the irreparable ones and even helping fresh faced Citizens find jobs in the local populous! Currently INCAEDUS inc. is focusing on it's integral structure as I work with a "LEGAL" group of members who are upstanding nature to this Nation, called Wilma's Minions! As you can see I have the knowledge and compassion to show that I am the RIGHT person to be Mayor. Many of the other Candidates running are not qualified at all, hell I'll even add that I have seen the current mayor consort with Rebels and commit crimes! Is that what any good and respectable mayor should be doing? No, now I understand mayors in the past have been susceptible to "bribes", but I shall not be so weak! unless the price is right My policies are rather simple and short, but are effective! 1. Legalise weed! We need to follow in the footsteps of other great nations! I propose that if I am elected I will try my hardest to allow "medicinal Weed" to be allowed to be "smoked" with in the confines of ones house and make it so that you will not get charged for having it on your persons! So long as there is no evidence that you mean to distribute it! 2. Improving the roads! For too long have the potholes of this nation plagued drivers, many a time have I driven and seen cars and even trucks flipped due to hitting a pothole. I propose that to fix this situation we just rip up the tarmac in that area, allowing the driver to pass easier and at a slower pace! 3. Free 500K to those of vote for me! A rather simple policy that states that all who vote for me to be mayor shall receive a customary thank you of £500k! In no way is this a bribe, it is merely a thank you gift from me to you, for doing whats right for Altis and Kavala by choosing me to be Mayor! Now that we have discussed my policies, I wish to ask you this, if it takes a Village to raise a child....what does it take to Raise a City? Change won't come from one person, unless that person is me obviously - it will take all of us! I believe in collaboration. I didn't wake myself up, the Good Lord of Mouse n Key in the sky did that, I didn't get myself a Coffee or a Donut from the shop. You see, all of the resources, the talents, the ideas of this great, diverse, energetic nation, will be needed to raise Kavala & Altis to it's rightful position on the Throne and the Crown Jewel of the Mediterranean Sea. I am asking not just you, but all of you in attendance to help me raise this great nation! My Campaign Motto is by the Great Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., "The time is always right to do what is right!". The time is right now for Kavala & Altis and the time is right now to Elect Me as your next Mayor! Please take the time to message me on my phone, I'm sure you all have a yellow pages, email me, give your time, your passion and your insights into helping me make this great nation even better! Thank you and god bless y'all! ALL POLICIES AND PROMISES LISTED IN THE DOCUMENT ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AND MAY NOT HAPPEN. THEY ARE JUST A LIE TO GET ME INTO OFFICE, I WILL TAKE BRIBES FOR THE RIGHT PRICE AND I WILL PAY 500K TO ALL THOSE WHO VOTE ME! EVIDENCE MUST BE PROVIDED! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. I think there should be a page where we can see the chain off command is for example Mayor: Tidus Police and AMS commanders: POlice and AMS second in command: Police and AMS members: and so on so that anybody new can see and know who is who
  3. Isaac Wolf


    Do we have a mayor? or any official government for Altis?

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