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Found 8 results

  1. ÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇö The Authority is a close-knit group with bonds like no other. We strive for excellence team-work and coordination. We stare death in the eye and hold our ground to the end to protect another brother, we are a brotherhood which no other gangs can offer. Those who mess with the best will die like the rest. If you would like to join could you please fill out the Template below and we will either say Accepted or Denied Then Once it has been Accepted please come to find me on TeamSpeak or one of our staff members of the group ÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇö Applications: CLOSED ÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇö Requirements Must speak fluently English Must have a stable bank account Recommended 500 hours on Arma 3 Over 16 ( exceptions can be made ) ÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöApplications: CLOSED ÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇö Application Template Name : Hours in-game : Previous gangs: Age : What are your strengths in arma 3 : What are your weaknesses in arma 3 : Why do you want to join our gang? : ÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇö ÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇö
  2. The Unholy Ones. We haven't came up with the best way to make money yet so we are all around 'nice' guys, its in our interest to keep strong bonds with the police so if you hate the police this isn't the gang for you. In this gang we are family we will sacrifice ourselves of the greater plan of the gang if you are selfish this isn't the gang for you. most of us are wanted for big bounty's if you cant live on the run this isn't the gang for you. We will kill people if you cant pull the trigger this gang isn't for you. we don't care how rich or poor you are just how long you will spend on the island. You may of seen us around before as Dads Of Anarchy but we have changed name as the first one was a joke and we didn't expect to gain members but we have now. Recruitment open apply in the comments. In-game name? -Age? - any gangs know who you are/hunting you- do the police know who you are (in a bad way)- Bank balance? -Have you got both rebel licenses? -Hours on Arma 3? -Previous gangs? -Why would you like to join The Unholy Ones? -Can anyone within the gang vouch for you? - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19h9ZvYwzV0hXjHoywmyO2oShfOfF6E_7ggNMFMwrmZA/edit?usp=sharing the roster ^^^ We take our rules seriously (rules in roster) if they are broken you will be striped of your patch (kicked) and left in a shallow grave. If you break lots of rules you will have your legs shot and made to walk back to your new gang or to your grave.
  3. Roster Current Leaders Frinkle Jakey _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Requirements: Hours: 100+ licences: Rebel Bank Account: Stable (Preferably 2 mil +) Must be mature (Exceptions can be made) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Application Template -Age: -In Game Name: -How Many Hours on Arma 3?: -Bank Account (With Evidence): -How long have you been on this server?: -Previous Gangs: -Who can vouch for you?: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  4. About MK 1: We are a team that simply does not care for life. We show NO mercy if you show simply or mercy you will be removed or warned. This is not made for the "Want help" people. If you are accepted into MK 1 there will be an interview process after. Once completed and passed, you will be set on a trial for 3-5 days to prove that you meet and follow the requirements and are worthy of MK 1. Required Age Limit - 15+, MIGHT make acceptions. Minimum Hours Required Arma 3 - 500-1000+. Financially stable. If you do not meet any of these requirements we may very rarely make exceptions, so please don't be shy. IF YOU ARE ACCEPTED YOU WILL BE MESSAGED THE TEAMSPEAK. Application Format: Name: Steam UID: Age: Hours Arma 3: Bank Account: Any experience in flying or combat?: Why you want to join MK 1 (50 Words minimum): What skill can you bring to MK 1?: Roleplay on a scale 1-10?: APD or NHS?: "Mercy is not a option"
  5. Ingame name : Deividas Dubinka Hours on arma: 16 hours im new to arma Roleplay skill: i can mug poeple ina stealthy way i know tasctic's on which way we could do it on About you: i am fairly new to this server and arma it's self but i have alot af stuff that im good at such as making tactics or mugging a person. I'm looking to join a gang because i need to make money and have more fun on arma, I wont be online at work days since i have to go school but my school finishes at around 3 so ill come home around 4 and ill probably be playing on this server for a long time because i enjoy it, i love to have a laugh with some people while still role-playing but i'm and im matured and im willing to join a gang that could help me out RP background: i come from the town of kavala i'm a citizen looking to join a gang i have a decent amount of money as a starter and i don't want to get robbed anymore which is why i'm looking for gangs What sort of gang are you interested in? I'm interested in a gang that is active and know what they are doing in situations like being robbed or we robbing someone else and just having a laugh whilst still rping but and being mature enough
  6. Isaac Wolf


    Hello people of RebornRp how has your day been? Great? Good. Now let's cut the chit chat because I'm tiered, Anyway what if there was a side page or something like the gang base applications. Here is a scenario bob is bored and wants to play with a gang. Bob starts a topic that has the following Ingame name : mynameisbobandhi hours on arma: 1zilluon and 2 Roleplay skill: 9/10 about you: I am a human what sort of gang are you interested in?: a role play gang that I can have fun with: after bob bob posted his topic a gang called Funtimeswithfreddy asked if he was interested in joining them bob says yes -end scenario- this is just a basic format maybe more could be added but you get the point and if you don't the I suggest not worrying. This is kind of like the gang applications but with people saying their qualifications and a gang finding them and maybe sending them a link to their handbook or application place. And also maybe adding this " hello we are interested here is our gang page" and yay happy times
  7. Application Form:https://drive.google.com/open?id=1xXbKy46Xtaolr01CBOqXnp6kc6eCNAEBK9AsT-cct8U Gang Roster :https://drive.google.com/open?id=1b4fitewYnymT5orPxbdThPPlBa1gzkgq59VeuZKSbJc
  8. So recently i came in contact with this gang and lets just say... Good job. Basically let me tell you why: It all started when there was a HM and it came to an end and we spotted two Ifrits heading towards Syndicate area. Officers started following the Ifrits until they pulled over at Paros Two officers jumped out and started having a nice chat. I was on the scene and jumped out of my car and jumped out and hid behind a rock. While the two officers spoke to the two ifrits i noticed one started driving off i called it in but the two officers where muted so we didn't know what was happening. Suddenly the ifrit came out and drove straight over my rock (scared the shit out of me) and pulled over... The man jumped out and said ''Hi my name is Norman spelt backwards'' @HardyB . Then suddenly the other ifrit drove to me and they boxed me in. And a man jumped out of that one and said ''I'm a super NATO battle droid'' @Nathan . At this moment i was done i just started laughing... Once they said their meme, they asked why i was hiding behind a rock, and i simply said that i was playing hide & seek, and they asked if they could join in but i just ran of screaming like a little girl, because they had big boy weapons and i only had a spar-16. It ended in a nice calm tea party and the nice gang left the area and went home to there family's and friends. No need for violence... Always roleplay your way in or out of situations they do get you somewhere, maybe not always where you want but maybe somewhere better. Thanks for reading! ~Kirky

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