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  1. The Crumps Purpose on the Island. Are Purpose is to clam the territory's on this island in are numbers. We plan on being feared and respected, We plan on being Soldiers, Ghosts, Drug smugglers, Pirates, and more. We will become that fear that whispers in your ear when you sleep. (More will be added soon) Requirements be Experienced in combat (500 hours on arma 3) have a thirst of killing the Police. follow orders and not hesitate when we tell to pull the trigger. Respect your Gang Leader. be able to Speak English. Application Template Name: How many Hours: Previous Gangs: Age: Why do you want to join: How Much do you hate the police 1-10:
  2. Welcome to Defiance Roster Requirements: 500 hours + on ArmA (Screenshot) Good comms and callouts (For Bank and APD) Reliable Hours/Active Age 15+ Good at Combat Have all Rebel Licenses Template: In-Game Name - Hours (w/Proof) - Average Hours Per Week - Age - Knowledge of Bank And APD - Previous Gangs - Can Anyone Vouch For You - Good Luck
  3. Bathgate REQUIREMENTS- Stable Bank Account Have 300 + hours on Arma 3 Be active *EU* timezone. Over 16~ Slight Combat Experience Legal licenses The Bathgate gang was formed by a mad chemist on the island of the United Kingdom, devious in his ways he came to Altis with chemical weapons to bring chaos to the island. Before he could do this, the police took him away and brutally executed him, ever since then the three sons of Bathgate have made a promise to destroy order on the island, once and for all. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Age: Previous organisations: Bank Balance: Hours: Why do you want to join Bathgate? (Please apply if you do not meet the criteria, you may be accepted.) ------------------------------------------------------------------- "Those who take the gate into the bath, shall be forever cremated into the bubbles." So the legend says....
  4. [LC]GOD


  5. Who we are? We are the Harlem Spartans. our aim on Altis is to become the most powerful and feared gang. Aims: we aim to become very wealthy and buy powerful equipment to help our cause. what we do: We capture gang zones, take hostages, rob people (especially feds) and do runs to make money when needed. Roster if you would like to join The Harlem Spartans then fill out the form. and the leader will respond ASAP Fill out the form below Name: Why join us?: how many hours on Arma: what role would you say you are best at:
  6. Anybody recruiting for there gang? If so then please do drop me a message or message me on teamspeak.
  7. Leaders: Azeriax & Jasper Requirements: 500+ Hours on Arma 100+ Hours on Reborn Must Speak English Must be able to Keep Coms clear (When asked) Must have Basic Rebel Training We are looking for mature members! From the age of 16 and up Format Template: Name: Proof of Hours: Why you want to join: Are you able to do an interview within the upcoming 7 days?: We're Happy To Have you!
  8. First Founded in Tanoa, royal marines commandos is known for providing outstanding security services with the utmost respect for their clients. After expanding our offices we are now located on the island of Altis providing security for legal and illegal things. We make all our clients feel like VIP's and we have had 100% success rate so far!We are a group of professional people who are sick of seeing people get robbed and we want to provide clients with our services to ensure they get the money they deserve. And always willing to help the local hobo gain a extra buck so everyone can gain some wealth. Recruiting now Name:+ Age: Hours on arma 3: Licences: Previous gangs: Money: Why do you think you are a good addition to the royal marines commandos ?: Are you able to attend an ingame interview if needed?: Role-play Background: Vouches: Good Luck all who apply and see yous soon!
  9. B╬øã¼╬ëG╬øã¼╬ú REQUIREMENTS- Stable Bank Account Have 300 + hours on Arma 3 Be active *EU* timezone. Over 16~ Combat Zone Experience illegal licenses Rebel License preferable. The Bathgate gang was formed by a mad chemist on the island of the United Kingdom, devious in his ways he came to Altis with chemical weapons to bring chaos to the island. Before he could do this, the police took him away and brutally executed him, ever since then the three sons of Bathgate have made a promise to destroy order on the island, once and for all. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Age: Previous organisations: Bank Balance: Hours: Why do you want to join Bathgate? (Please apply if you do not meet the criteria, you may be accepted.) ------------------------------------------------------------------- "Those who take the gate into the bath, shall be forever cremated into the bubbles." So the legend says....
  10. #~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~# Venom are a newly formed gang who are looking to takeover Altis, If you would like to become apart of Venom apply in the comments below using the application template that i have placed. You need to be able to take a joke, Must have a good microphone and have a good knowledge of the rules otherwise your application will be DENIED, Don't beg people for money who is in the gang, pull your own weight and buy your own things. By applying you have AGREED That you have a good knowledge of the rules and will try your damn hardest not to break any. #~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~# REQUIREMENTS: 500+ Hours on Arma (Provide Screenshot) Good knowledge of rules Must speak decent English Must have a decent Financial State (Provide Screenshots) APPLICATION TEMPLATE: In-game Name: Previous Gangs: Arma 3 Hours (Provide Screenshot): Why do you want to join?: Money (Provide Screenshot): Are there any members that can vouch for you?: #~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ROSTER~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~#
  11. ÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇö The Authority is a close-knit group with bonds like no other. We strive for excellence team-work and coordination. We stare death in the eye and hold our ground to the end to protect another brother, we are a brotherhood which no other gangs can offer. Those who mess with the best will die like the rest. If you would like to join could you please fill out the Template below and we will either say Accepted or Denied Then Once it has been Accepted please come to find me on TeamSpeak or one of our staff members of the group ÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇö Applications: CLOSED ÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇö Requirements Must speak fluently English Must have a stable bank account Recommended 500 hours on Arma 3 Over 16 ( exceptions can be made ) ÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöApplications: CLOSED ÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇö Application Template Name : Hours in-game : Previous gangs: Age : What are your strengths in arma 3 : What are your weaknesses in arma 3 : Why do you want to join our gang? : ÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇö ÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇöÔÇö
  12. We, SAS, are the revolutionary force within Altis. We came from England but our work there is finished. We were watching how this new government would develop in Altis hoping it would choose the right path of justice and equality. But as we feared, the government of Altis chose the wrong path, the path of corruption and fear. We, SAS, will come to aid for people who need it. We will bring food, shelter, clothes, other necessities but most of all we will make that this government of corruption and deceive will fall into the cliff of defeat. We, SAS, will take back what the government of Altis stole from its people. We will give it back to them, for they are the righteous owners of these riches and products. Requirements - English Speaking - Relatively active - Firefight And Drug Skill - Be Chill
  13. ForGiveN Recruitment Name: Age: Hours (Screenshot): Money in game: Why you want to join the gang: What can you give to the gang: Is there anyone in the gang that can recommend you: (Exceptions can be made)
  14. Roster Current Leaders Frinkle Jakey _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Requirements: Hours: 100+ licences: Rebel Bank Account: Stable (Preferably 2 mil +) Must be mature (Exceptions can be made) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Application Template -Age: -In Game Name: -How Many Hours on Arma 3?: -Bank Account (With Evidence): -How long have you been on this server?: -Previous Gangs: -Who can vouch for you?: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  15. About us Brute force is a relatively new gang on the reborn rp server but we have played a lot on other servers. We are looking to recruit anyone from a very experienced player that has played this server for a long time or someone who is just new to the server but knows what they are doing. We will be partaking in a lot of illegal activities such as robbing and possibly the bank. If you are looking to join fill in the application template bellow but be sure to make the requirements. Requirements - Stable bank (Exceptions made) - Good Communication - Needs to be active(at least on twice a week minimum) - 100 hours+ (exceptions made) - Be able to speak Fluently in English - Age 16+ (Exceptions can be made) Application Template In-game Name: Age: Screenshots needed for 3 below Bank Balance: Rebel licenses?: Hours on Arma:
  16. Nova Delta Nova Delta is a excperienced gang that have high RolePlay skills and combat skills. Information We in Nova Delta is a gang who has been on many islands, and we ALWAYS use discord. Our goal on Reborn is to be a gang who is not like the other big gangs, we want to be nice and always want to help other people even if you are in Nova Delta or not. Even tho we are nice it does not mean we are not doing illegal stuff, we will still work on things like robbing the bank and the art gallery. Nova Delta currently only has players from Europe but would love to have people from other continents. Requirments - minimum 400 hours in Arma - minimum 15 years old - minimum 1 mil in bank account - MUST be active - MUST know all the rules for Reborn Roleplay Application format In-Game name: Age: Hours: Do you speak fluent english? About you: Have you ever had any bans on Reborn? Why do you want to join Nova Delta? What can you bring to Nova Delta? have you ever been in any faction on Reborn? (police, NHS or Camorra)
  17. Good Evening! The Grey Rebels are a newly formed gang, and are looking to rapidly expand! Requirements for entry: - 50+ hours on Arma 3 Altis Life - Good communication skills - Must be friendly We are a friendly gang who welcomes all members of all ages - Rebel license is a bonus too! Please apply here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeBI7m92ku8HQq06foT3MhP8lvOrsAqYW8WeW8Sw4mhf3OS4w/viewform Thank you!
  18. -Nova Delta- Nova Delta is a Gang with a few members, and like to play seriously. -Requirments- - Atleast 500 hours in Arma - Must know all the rules on reborn - Atleast 15 years old - Must speak fluent English - Must be active ( atlleast online 4 days in a week) - Must have atleast 1 mil in your bank in-game - Must be excperienced in shooting and driving - Must have discord IF YOU ARE FOUND TO LIE ABOUT ANY OF THESE THINGS YOU WILL BE KICKED FROM THE GANG WITHOUT WARNING -Goals- - Become one off the biggest and best groups on Reborn *Application form* In-game name: Age: Hours: Bank amount: Can speak fluent english: Do you know all the rules on Reborn: Any previous gangs? (if yes, which) Any previous bans? (if yes, why) Are you in any faction? (police,NHS or Camora) Why do you want to join Nova Delta? What can you bring to Nova Delta? We are Nova Delta, we do not forgive, we do not forget.
  19. O.L.L Needs YOU We are a dedicated group of players who want to rise upwards in Altis, and leaving our mark on this land. We are a militia group seeking members of the population who want to rise up and take this land for the greater good (Our Benefit). Basic Requirements Must be capable of using Comms efficiently. Reasonable Knowledge of how Altis Life works (Exceptions can be made). Must be quite an active player (Again exceptions can be made). Relatively capable of financially supporting themselves. Must be willing to contribute to the group. Must be ready to have a bit of fun and some laughs. Application Name (In game name) : Age : Nationality : Rebel Licence Yes/No ? : What makes you feel eligible for OLL? : Current Roster in Order of Hierarchy 1. Will ( Pablo Escobar ) / Sam ( The Real Sam ) 2. Jack 3. Mike (xMLZ) 4. Ryan 5. Wardy (Crusa) Join Today!
  20. what gangs are decent and get in combat on the regular.
  21. E.M.U is an active gang and has only a few members only apply to join below if you are willing to contribute to the gang and the members helping out when needed what does E.M.U stand for ? well it means English Marauder Unit don't ask it spells E.M.U and it was funny and probably not anymore. Player Name : Age : Arma 3 hours (Screen Shot) : Ingame Money (Screen Shot) : Licences (Screen Shot) : Why Do You Want To Join E.M.U : What Can you Bring To The Gang : Copy And Paste These Questions And Make your application then Your application will be : ACCEPTED ON HOLD DECLINED Application made by majed after the owner of the gang asked him to
  22. Fusion Fusion is a small rebel group that originated from Stratis but split ways after something rough that happened a few of us scattered to Malden and a few to Tanoa and some stayed in Altis working with different gangs. As Malden and Tanoa were not a good place to make a living we all reunited at Altis as our ways of making money was in the drug industry the most profitable place for this kind of business was Altis. With all of us back together we will overpower the corrupt government of Altis as we have only one main goal which is power. We will occupy the drug market as well as gain control of the importation of guns to the local population. Roster: Leaders Matt Magic Callum Co - Leaders OzzBozz Zeph Adam Kenny Ji Trusted Members JammalCammal Neon Nick Kennedy Apex Members Jamsta Blitz Kieran Trials Christian Szplits Danny Mohammed Ali Hamadei Rice Skitz Dom Requirments: - Be mature - 1000+ Hours - Experience with Altis life - Full acknowledgement of the rules - Stable bank account - Good RP and Combat skills - Good communications Application form: IGN: Age: Why do you want to join Fusion: Arma 3 Hours (Screenshot): Bank account (Screenshot): Strenghts: Weaknesses: Can anyone in this gang vouch for you: Post applications in this gang post and you will get a reply shortly
  23. Ingame name : Driton Hours on arma: 270 i am working to improve my hours on arma 3 but i am pretty skilled, if you want you can test me. Roleplay skill: Fighting, Undercover missions, mission gathering. About you: I am 14 years old, my real life name is Driton, i can be mature if i wish but i can also be not mature if i so wish and i wish to join a Gang RP background: My ingame name is also Driton i used to be in the SAS Britany forces it was a very dangerous force to join but i did it cause i like killing i have no family they all got killed under the 2nd world war where the SAS had to invade some part of Britany where my father and mother lived but they got killed by the Seals they thought we were too dangerous so they took out our families and while we were sore they took the chance and took out all my teammates i am the last living SAS member i feel like Britany betrayed us by not doing anything to counter this, i escaped via a immigrant route that was going to Altis to be released and given freedom and now i am trying to find a gang to operate with. What sort of gang are you interested in?: i am interested in a gang who fights alot and kills alot and is trustworthy.
  24. Leaders: Jaconite Requirements 1500 Hours+ Active Mature Keep tac comms Fighting experience Speak English Application Name: Age: Arma 3 Hours: Bank: Why should we accept you: Previous gangs:
  25. -Black Hand Syndicate- (The Quiet Professionals) [RECRUITING] "Black Hand Syndicate," otherwise known as "The Syndicate" was founded by two members of the "Lost Tribe." The Lost Tribe was one of many scattered tribes across the lands of Altis. The Tribe joined a separate sect of a group of Anarchs and became known as the Black Hand. The Black Hand may form temporary packs composed of soley Black Hand operatives. These war bands are usually referred to as a War-Party and can be as small as two or three members, or as large as a dozen, depending on the mission involved. Most however, are temporary, assembled by a Dominion member for a particular mission, and disbanded when completed. Founder @AirborneErnesto Co-Founder -Rank- Only two intermediary tiers of command stand between the common Black Hand member and the Council of Seraphim: the Dominions; and the ductus of their kamut (if they're on active assignment), or the local Watch Commander (for those who aren't). There is a council of four powerful members who rule the Black Hand. These four are known as the Seraphim, and act as generals for the order, serving the Regent directly (at least namely). The First Seraph will serve as the highest-ranking member of the Seraphim, with three others of his choosing to serve as his advisors and fellow Seraphim. Regent (Head) The Regent is the ultimate authority over all of the organization, ruling the Sect from the Underground. AirborneErnesto Seraphim (Generals 4 Max) The Seraphim are the Black Hand's generals, who answer only to the Regent of the Hand, and who collectively have absolute authority over all members of the Black Hand. This role was installed in honor. They determine what assassinations should be carried out, what requests for assistance from leaders should be answered and how, and assign Dominions as needed to see it all done. They pass judgments on Black Hand members accused of any disloyalty, disobedience to their superiors, or any offense against the Code. They also judge their own members on accusations. @AirborneErnesto Dominions (Senior Officers) Dominions compose a permanent rank between the Seraphim and the rest of the Black Hand members. The dominions are the senior executive officers, the mission commanders who oversee anything from a small operation involving only a single War-Party to full-scale. The Dominions are proven leaders and have demonstrated a good sense of strategy, the ability to improvise successfully when plans fail, the capacity to lead and inspire those under their command, and of course exceptional combat abilities . To be raised to the rank of dominion is considered a high honor. Most dominions do not serve under the command of a particular Seraph, but obey the orders given by the council as a whole, which allows for flexibility in assignment, and also theoretically prevents any one Seraph from developing his own personal officer corps. Seconds (Dominion Assistant) A Second serves a Dominion or Seraph as his trusted right hand and second-in-command (a Seraph's second has the rank of dominion), whose responsibility it is to see that her supervisor's orders are carried out. In some sense, a second acts almost as a Templar, serving as bodyguard, aide and messenger; also, a second is presumed to speak with his supervisor's authority. (A Second can be a tag if you already hold the rank of Dominion.) Commanders (Territory Leaders) or Ductus (Squad Leaders) A Watch Commander is an intermediary rank within the Black Hand. He is the leader of the Black Hand operations in a given territory. Watch Commanders are generally (but not always) the senior Hand member in a given city or region. It's much like the role of a Ductus, however, fills a more permanent (or at least, long-term) position with similar responsibilities - to oversee and lead a territorial cell of all Black Hand members residing in that area. A Ductus (pl. Ducti) is the leader of an individual War-Party, which is more a position of honor than one of responsibility. Much like gang leaders, Ducti lead through force of personality and fear, and one that oversteps their bounds is likely to be taught a painful lesson. Emissaries (Spies) Emissaries are Black Hand operatives that act as the sub-sect's representatives (and spies) while dealing with the politics. They are the eyes, ears and mouth of the Black Hand. While the Black Hand makes good use of its muscle, it also needs members with real social and political acumen to serve the subsect at all levels of the political hierarchy. (Lawyers, Recruiters, Roleplayers, Etc.) Shakari (Assassins/Hitman) "Shakar" (pl. Shakari) is the formal term for an assassin. What sets the assassins apart from their fellows in the Hand is their ability to kill their target on his home ground (sometimes even surrounded by allies and formidable defenses), to do so quietly and efficiently, and to just as quietly depart without raising even a hint of alarm. The goal of a competent shakar is to be totally unnoticed, even by his intended target. Since the assassin usually is working alone or with minimal support from a Recon-Party that is waiting for him outside his target location, he's totally on his own should he be discovered. A successful assassin is one of the most careful and cautious operatives in the Black Hand, and dislikes dealing with the unexpected. He puts considerable time and effort into investigating, observing and planning the strike, leaving nothing to guesswork or random chance. (Sniper.) Removers (Brutes) Removers are the brute strength and paramilitary muscle of the Black Hand, those whom the dominion can point at an obstacle and simply tell them to "remove" that obstacle. Removers are the front line, in-your-face troops in a siege: they are sent to "soften up" resistance before the regular war parties arrive, or to go after the "hard targets" (CQC) Agent (Less than 3 Missions) Is a member of the Black Hand who has participated in less than three missions. They are the newly initiated members of the Black Hand, formally known as Agents. Rookies are the lowest ranked members of any War-Party or Watch, and must obey orders from any senior member of the Hand; in addition, they are not permitted to decline an assignment or challenge a tactical decision. Rookies are often used to "fill out" a War-Party, essentially being the extra guns (and sometimes the expendables) on a mission. While a rookie isn't yet trusted with mission-critical tasks, he may well by guarding the back of someone with that level of responsibility. Neophyte(Initiation) Are trainees of the Black Hand, accepted as candidates but not yet initiated into full membership in the Hand, even lower in rank than rookies. Cadets rarely interact with Black Hand members, except in training exercises. Training involves a good deal of field work; however, the instructing Commanders keep a watchful eye on their charges and step in quickly to prevent any interference with the educational process. -Recruiting Form- (For those who keep it discrete) https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1vIBHKtoNxMrtHTqEm_bfVzKPpZZKSebf2d9YSdFB3qU/viewform -Advancement Form- (To apply for a higher rank) https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1wEXL7-9rZeBuGPpj_CELquKyPd-jR1Il3iRJN80GsJY/edit The Black Hand puts all candidates through a rigorous series of trials which test cunning, willpower, physical prowess and martial skills. Those who pass are inducted into the Black Hand. Each member receives detailed instruction in the order's ways, and must come when the Hand calls him to action. -RULES- https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Cv3kB5grTv_6ZwN7sBa5IYlNaamqxBqWG2FFNghrP9g (The Black Hand is intolerant of breaking server rules.) (A separate appeal will be given to the reported player if not already banned by Admin personnel.) (Members are subject to separation at leadership discretion at any time.)

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