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Found 8 results

  1. Clearing of the gang house: Starting bid: 2.5 Mil
  2. Item: Cyrus 9.3mm (Black) w/ Suppressor, LRPS, Bipod + 1full Mag Proof of ownership: Buy now price: 3,000,000. Starting bid: 2,000,000. Minimum bid increment: 100,000 End date: 17/04/19
  3. Item: Cyrus 9.3 mm and 4 mags (can add lrps for extra 200k) Proof of ownership: see image attached Buy now price: 5 mil Starting bid: 3 mil Minimum bid increment: 250k End date: 14 january 2019
  4. So i've decided to clear out some of my garage storage, and therefor im selling some of my Quillins. So I currently have 0 armed once for sale. Buy now: 2.2m each. Min bid 2m. Auction ends 18/1-19 or til the once for sale have sold out Euka
  5. Looking to buy armed quilin for 2.8 million, willing to negotiate price.
  6. Item:AK 12 MK 1 and 7.62 sound suppressor MX SW Proof of ownership:https://prnt.sc/ihtug1 http://prntscr.com/ihtvau Buy now price: AK12 - 200K MK1 - 150K MX SW 100K 7.62 Sound suppressor 250K Starting bid:AK12 50K mk1 50K 7.62 sound suppressor 100K MX SW 25K Minimum bid increment:50K End date:30/2/18
  7. Item: Strider Proof of ownership: Buy now price: 8 million Starting bid: 5.5 million Minimum bid increment: 250K End date: Depends on how many bids, and the timing.
  8. Auctions would be hosted Ingame. Lets say Friday 6PM restart u would bring an Mapedited place in middle of ocean and people who were there to troll / RDM / Rulebreak would be Executed and made sure they cannot participate. Or you could use one of those Battleships near Kavala at middle of ocean to ensure people who troll cant return All Bids would be done via TS so there is proof who bidded, ingame admins would show item that is currently auctioning, if someone troll bids and cant afford pay = kick from event Also i think this would be Beneficial to both parties By Removing Cash from Players they get cool stuff, and next time they try not to lose too much until next auction so they dont actually just gear, bait gear bait gear bait. This idea has alrdy been used and tested in Other communitys, Its to make some of the Community's Player Money disapear bunch of people have +100mil sitting around nothing to do so they login, gearup, bait cops, re-gear, bait cops go sleep repeat. What if There was once a month Auctions That sell Exclusive Stuff Example: All Perk Points for Civ Highest bid wins. Auctions Would contain only 1-2 of the Same item and some of them wouldnt re-appear on Auction for while. Maybe new Skins that can only be bought from auctions. Huron Container? Multiple Items would be cool to see Laser designators, Hunter Helicopter with disabled missles some Snipers, Maybe Assault Rifles, Custom Helipad For ur house if you have house u could have Heli spawnpoint there U name it alot options to easily lose millions in server economy. Also after Each Auction all money goes to @PaulS or whoever can " get rid of it " and after Auction Would come Announcement how much money was spent in total and who spent most

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