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  1. S T A N D U P

    Is this. Are you... From.... Is... it.... can't be.
  2. S T A N D U P

    Change the motherboard and get a i3 8100 you would need ddr4 ram aswell. the new I3 8100 is faster than a standard i7 6700 or a i5 7400. So it's a fast CPU.
  3. S T A N D U P

    Congrats on promos lad s
  4. S T A N D U P

  5. S T A N D U P

    ABYSS PILOTING DEPARTMENT APPLICATION Hours in flying: 2,000,000 How good are you: De Best Can you combat land: I can land in 0.1 seconds Why would we accept you in our department? : I pilot well
  6. S T A N D U P

    I can vouch he has 80000 hours.
  7. S T A N D U P

  8. S T A N D U P

    In game name : stand up Age :14 (sound about 16 or 17) Hours on Arma III (Pref Screenshot) :1100 I'll get screenshot later Why do you want to join The Abyss: I've heard a bit about them. Seem like a good gang. I feel like I'm also good enough to be in the gang Bank Balance (Screenshot) 12 mil can't get screenshot Previous gangs: adapt, xtacy Advanced rebel or standard rebel : advanced Country/Timezone: gmt
  9. S T A N D U P

    Oh well....
  10. S T A N D U P

    Y I K E S AND A 1/2
  11. S T A N D U P

    S T A N D U P

  12. S T A N D U P

    Name:STAND UP Hours(Screenshot): Previous Gangs: Adapt, I was in xtacy but never played Why do you want to join: Because Adapt got disbanded and you guys look good. Anyone who can vouch for you: =(
  13. S T A N D U P

    Was a good run. Had fun.
  14. S T A N D U P

    Name: STAND UP Age: Just Born 1 hour ago Hours on Arma 3: 1.1k hour Bank Account: £13,000,000 Why do you want to join Elusive : Because adapt got disbanded Who can vouch for you: Andyy, Hazu, Surgay, TommyC.
  15. S T A N D U P

    Werid flex but okay.

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