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  1. In one of the latest server updates the "Random colour added to freight trucks" was added. I think this change made the game / server less realistic as it are all fluorescent collors and you can spot them from miles away. I would love to see it being changed back to the "normal / camo" collors as it would be more realistic. Rebels also do not really care anymore about these trucks to rob or whatever as they know it is a freightyard mission. So my suggestion: change it back so it is more reallistic and so it will get a bit more exciting. thumbs up if you like the suggestion / thumbs down if not!
  2. Deoxyr

    no worries, i understand. then i wont request comp.
  3. Deoxyr

    In-game Name: Deoxyr Steam ID: 76561198133241877 Date of the incident: 12/17/18 Time of the incident: 20:58 Link to player report: N/A Lost Items and Estimated Value: Hemmt fuel transport, legal, Kavala FY to Sofia FY, 4.982,- Please provide as much detail as possible: Was driving a HEMMT FUEL, LEGAL from Kavala Freightyard to Sofia Freightyard, when at the sofia BW CP the server went down. Any Evidence Available: N/A
  4. Deoxyr

    Thank you @Fuel for clearin that up! Have a nice day!
  5. Deoxyr

    @FuelDoes this mean Blackwater can't do drug runs? i see a lot of them doing LSD runs and they tell me it is allowed but when they fill in their application is clearly says the following: If accepted, I understand that I can not play as a Rebel: Yes Could you tell me if they are allowed to do drug runs?
  6. Deoxyr

    I have a question, what is considered 'rebelling / rebel activity'. I understand you shouldnt rob people etc but is illegal drug runs also considered as 'rebelling / rebel activity'? Tried to find the explenation of 'rebelling / rebel activity' on the forums but can't find it, maybe i did not search enough.
  7. Deoxyr

    @Hartleo I will comp. @lostbandit Next time don't lie please, i was on TS for another hour and you where the one offline. @Kytsa Next time please be honest in a report and if you show me a proof of your gear i will comp.
  8. Deoxyr

    Kytsa, what you are doing now isn't really fair. First of all i told you to come to the police liason 1 room multiple times and you didn't show up. Your friend Chris did show up and told me i shot you out of the heli, which i did after giving you guys 3 warnings to leave the airspace or the helicopter would be disabled. I even told chris that if i am in the wrong i would comp but that i think i did not do anything wrong and i suggested to chris we should go to community support and so we did. I went to support room with Chris and KingOfNeptune was the available staff member. KingOfNeptune basicly said that after warning you should leave and because he didnt i was allowed to shoot the heli and i accedently shot you out of the heli which i think can happen if you stay in the airspace which i asked you guys to leave from. Then i told chris i would send him the youtube vid of my pov, then Chris went offline on TS so i wasnt able to show him my pov and now you report me for RDM? You, yourself didn't try to resolve, you friend Chris did. And next time tell the whole story in the report, that i gave you guys 3 warnings to leave the airspace. Here you have my POV and i sended 3 warnings which you didn"t put into your recording. (sending messages to you guys @ 7:33, kill you @ 8:00) As you can see i was shooting at the main rotor.
  9. Deoxyr

    Well, if you say sorry then it is oke by me and thats why i wanted you to join the liason room so we could have a word about it. I just sended you a message on TS and i hope you are wanted to talk so we can end this discussion like mature people. I will send a message after if the issue has been resolved or not. RESOLVED
  10. Deoxyr

    i was not AFK you can ask Stefan Karlsson and Hugo because i was doing training with him and Lemmen even joined our channel tot tell me that you made a complaint against me so that aint true......... But do you agree that what you did was Fail RP?
  11. Deoxyr

    well, i was there for quite some time and told you to come to liason to talk about the situation. Ingame i said it was oke as i didnt want to talk about it in-game. I was on TS for another 2 hours and when i left the TS room you also didn't send me any message. So i was on TS for over 2 / 2,5 hours after the situation and waited in the liason room for quite a while. Then still if i left the liason room doesn't mean you are allowed to kill someone like that as it is Fail RP.
  12. Deoxyr

    In-game name: Deoxyr Name of the player(s) you are reporting: Ext | Mc Bazzer Date of the incident: 12/04/18 Time of the incident: 14:37 EU+1 What rule do you believe was broken: Poor RP Any evidence available: https://youtu.be/JY2l6HEASCQ?t=327 Describe the incident: I was patrolling kavala (green zone), say a vehicle and checked his license plate registration. Found out that "Ext | Mc Bazzer" was a wanted person so we wanted to have a chat. Put on the siren and then the guy took off. I followed him and he drove trough a spikestrip (not mine) Then he gets out and i tell him to holster his weapon Then he walks away and i ask him multiple times to stop walking. then he ran arround a house en ran upstairs. I followed him and when i arrive at the top floor he tells me to not move up or that i will be shot when i was basicly allready standing in front of him. He didnt even gave me a second to even comply to his demands. I told him multiple times to come to the Police Liason room and waited for 20 minutes and he didnt show up. Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes
  13. Deoxyr


  14. Deoxyr

    I think killing 3 people within 5 seconds without a second warning is poor rp in a situation like that. If the staff decides it isn’t I have to change my judgement about “poor rp”. As I have said earlier: I am not sure if I am right or wrong here, poor rp is kind of a gray area I think and as I have said before, if I hesitate I report.
  15. Deoxyr

    By opening fire to 3 guys just after you guys shouted to put our hands up..? As i am saying i might be wrong here..... i am not sure...

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