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  1. I was looking at it from the perspective of it being more efficient to mark enemies in the area.
  2. Could you let the game allow us to use tactical ping as I would like to mark enemies out in another way other than drawing on the map on group channel.
  3. Make it so it will only let you pull your last vehicle and there can't be any vehicles registered to you within X distance.
  4. _Jared_


    +1 good concept, however I don't think the devs will like this as it could be exploited.
  5. I think it is a bug. As opposite the sell room there is a sign to disable security. If it worked properly, the doors for the building wouldn't be unlocked and would need to be bolt cut into.
  6. _Jared_

    jared Report

    The description of the incident even states that you never initiated in any form, whether it be verbal or alt+2/1
  7. _Jared_

    jared Report

    There was no initiation, not even an alt 1/2. They never spoke to me. We weren't engaged in any form of combat. I got annoyed and left because I couldn't fly the blackfish. I also had to go to a meeting that started 15 minutes later, which I attend every Tuesday and Thursday. If needed, I will give some evidence to @Charlie. of these events, which will be heavily censored. Also don't fucking lie in a report. @kmann8657! Might I also add the rule that I 'BROKE': 11.1 Logging off during any form of RP is not permitted, you are to wait until the situation is fully over before exiting the server, that includes waiting for a revive, disagreeing with a roleplay situation, to try and save gear, etc There was no form of RP or any interactions between the two of us whatsoever. This can't be categorised as a combat log. + I had IRL shit to attend. You're just out to get me deported.
  8. I am looking to buy a .338 supressor for my MAR-10 I am willing to pay between the prices of: £0 - £3,000,000 (What Price I want) I will pay higher if needed (Maximum price £4,000,000) is the absolute highest I am willing to go up to.
  9. @Flamee you're a cop. I don't think you can buy such an illeagal weapon.
  10. I will buy the MAR-10 for £5,000,000 on 02/06/2020 when I sell my house.
  11. It's worth 800k at most @XextremeX
  12. Although the current permissions for the tiers in gangs at the moment are Ok, I think some changes need to be made for the Tier 4 rank. I suggest that Tier 4 should be aloud to access gang funds. This will help with the splitting among other things as the Leader can't be on all the time. It will be the leaders fault if this is abused as they made them tier 4 because they can trust them. Please tell me what you think of this idea and I'll answer any questions you may have.
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