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  1. 1 Thot

  2. ZigZag

    you say that you try to roleplay with cops and it just turn into gunfight the is 0 role play one this server mate yea 1mill a run ahaha
  3. ZigZag

    This is why rebel life is ded we are paying way to much for a load out and you wonder why people dupe. This is why there are no gangs on the server you do 1 run and it is one load out. A run need to get you 2-3 Load out http://www.strawpoll.me/14761489 MK-I = 400k - 250k MK-18 = 350k - 230k MXM = 120k MSW = 150k CSAT = 275K - 160k Do not remove let the community have the say
  4. ZigZag

    garbo cry about this so we have to give them one and oracle one and we had one we lost out on 10 mill because of this. we disband and now garbo have 2 gang base hypocrite tbh. we did banks every day you did nothing tbh. and before you start saying it is a roleplay server it is reborn there is no roleplay on this server anymore (get more role play on Olympus)
  5. ZigZag

    look at his recommended How to hack CCTV
  6. ZigZag

  7. ZigZag

  8. ZigZag

    Explain ?
  9. Pro player?


    1. ZigZag


      Sorry my pulldown was not on Mr.RebelRep.AHK

    2. !Sanik


      should of gotten some better ones.

      here are mine: https://hastebin.com/iwawudesut.makefile

  10. ZigZag

    Rank the guys up that play the server and not just stay in their office
  11. ZigZag

    just remove suppressors so you do not get Albino sitting 1.6 out get rid for them for all guns
  12. ZigZag

    why is he not banned if I said that I would've been banned
  13. ZigZag

    He just looking for a new way to report someone

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