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  1. 1:34 that's fucking lucky was 1v45 blackwater in redzone as always https://gyazo.com/04b4dc2889f76043fcf522fc36047fd6
  2. @Dynamic @noootnoot8donates them on a daily from bad driving
  3. nootnoot8.........................................
  4. +1 Design looks very minimalistic & simple, just position it correctly
  5. You guys are taking the blackbars too literally. The blackbars are only to show the area, of which I think the UI should be placed within. Think of the blackbars not even being there.
  6. Black bars are only to demonstrate a symmetrical example, of what the UI should look like. I dont play with blackbars mate
  7. Yes agree, only needs to display info there currently is, just designed better and placed properly
  8. Right know I feel like the 2 biggest problems with the HUD are disproportions, and overall graphics design. In this screenshot below, you see the default ArmA hud with vehicle information & weapon information (highlighted with red border). At the bottom you see the current reborn HUD as it is and you can straight off see how disproportionate it is. If you're going to change the HUD i'd suggest you keep it within the blackbar area so it looks inplace. As for the overall design of the HUD, keep it minimalistic & simple, so it looks nice and serves its purpose correctly.
  9. Name: Heinesen Hours(Screenshot): https://gyazo.com/acc3e7c046391aea087e7a81016f2f5c Previous Gangs: Immunity, Assent, Reprisal, Tenacity Why do you want to join: Need to get back into the game more, all other gangs are dogshit, know a few people & u guys been around for a while Anyone who can vouch for you: Silker, AJ, Gavin, Rhyx, Ivan, Hoggie
  10. In-game Name: T | Very old man Steam ID: 76561198039424015 Date of the incident: 09/27/2018 Time of the incident: 19:30 Link to player report: n/a Lost Items and Estimated Value: £2.100.000 Please provide as much detail as possible: Shit lagging Any Evidence Available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jg5u0mATdSA
  11. Bauwsix

    T | Tenacity

    Accepted, another geordie fuck me...
  12. Bauwsix

    T | Tenacity

    Accepted, get @Attachto hook you up with everything

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