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  1. Thanks i'll give the player some time to respond
  2. Sorry we don't accept Gyazo as valid evidence do you have a youtube clip
  3. Joe. W

    33858 Report

    thank you I’ll wait it out a bit longer
  4. Joe. W

    Easy Unbans

    Well tell him to put one up then this thread gonna get him unbanned
  5. Joe. W

    Easy Unbans

    That’s what a perm ban appeal is for ...
  6. Joe. W

    33858 Report

    I see the clip got cut down can you reupload the video however speed it up so we can see his name not CUT it out
  7. I’ll give the player sometime to respond please note next time “1.10 Stick to the rules!If someone else is breaking rules, it doesn’t give you permission to break them in returnExample, If a car VDM’s you in the Kavala green zone, it doesn’t give you permission to shoot them. Speak to the person on TeamSpeak or contact a staff member. if you can not resolve it, report it. “ If you wouldn’t mind could you provide me with the other videos of exploiting
  8. Thank you, I’ll proceed with the report if no response given soon
  9. I'll give the player sometime to respond meanwhile can you show me a 3 min video from the prison incident

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