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  1. Joe. W

    Auction shop

    Make an auction shop in-game so you don't have to list everything on the forums.
  2. Moved to perm ban appeal
  3. Joe. W

    Martin Pohl Report

    Report Denied Due to lack of evidence
  4. I got sent it but ignored it @Dodorexthey sent it to me via your account
  5. Joe. W

    Tom Skyline Report

    From this video you walked off and killed yourself however @Tom Skylineif you can land a heli on top you shouldn’t be doing it. In the video it looks like he has no intention of VDM. Report Denied
  6. Joe. W

    Martin Pohl Report

    Can i have a 3 min video please
  7. Joe. W

    Reborn CQC

    I don’t see any point in this -1 it’s pointless
  8. Denied How do i know you was going to cut/sell it get more evidence and put another one up
  9. -1 No other good compounds gamer
  10. Joe. W

    Tactical Vemon Report

    Here we go again, @Tactical VenomPlease explain
  11. There was more than 3 they had about 6 on cap they all logged on
  12. Joe. W


    1 day bans aren’t appealable you’ll be unbanned in 11 hours Denied

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