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  1. @DanielClose it // Tai Mane at Rakesh place
  2. ill buy 1m over simon viklund hehe xd
  3. The guy in the black wetsuit was really kill hungry and needs to be talked to or learnt a lesson IMO its up to admins tho
  4. happy birthday again simon!!!!
  5. I just wanna see POV of where you see me shoot your gang mate up, and we could call this settled. You don't have a video since you did actually metagame it. And your gang is indeed highly toxic, and since I was upset I didn't want to get more upset cause of toxicity. Lets see what admin says, unless you have a video of me shooting you
  6. In-game name: Rakeesh Patel Name of the player(s) you are reporting: 37337 > 33035 Date of the incident: 11/10/18 Time of the incident: 5.20 AM ish What rule do you believe was broken: POOR RP, Metagaming Any evidence available: https://youtu.be/5ntieyRknvw https://youtu.be/pa6jILsIXZM Describe the incident: I just wrote a long paragraph here, but my chrome crashed because my memory ran out since I have so many videos on my HDD. So I am going to attempt once again. ** PLEASE TAKE YOUR TIME READING THIS, GRAB SOME CURRY FLAVORED POPCORN OR SOMETHING** So me and my friend Tots see these hemmits rolling up, and they look pretty geared so I decide to hide under the truck, and my friend decides to hide inside the church, simply because we were scared for our lives. They initiate on me under the truck & force me to put my hands up, which I do. Then they run up inside the church & initiate on my friend, and you can hear in the video that he is going to comply & no shots were fired from his side, he does not have a video of this incident, but you can hear it pretty loud in my video that he IS going to comply. He attempts to stand up to put his hands up & instantly gets shot. Then they run outside & tell me that I am going to be executed because I knew the guy inside the church? (He was going to comply, still shot him). And I was complying the entire time, they still wanted to kill me, but I assume someone in that gang tells them not to shoot me in the head since I was complying. But initially they wanted to kill me, but they just end up breaking my leg & forcing me to "run off" (which I cant do because, broken leg). So I try to roleplay that my leg is hurting and I am trying to walk away from the scene but that I am struggling because of the pain. They leave, so I hop back in my car & drive off to buy a medkit, as they jacked mine that I had in my inventory, aswell as a spare rook that I had in my inventory, but they did not take the one that was holstered for some reason. So I see this as a chance to avenge my friend who was shot for no blatant reason. I drive safely back near the area where they were to check how many they were. I see 2 selling drugs, so I wait for the opportunity where there is only one outside, and then I take the shot because, well. I was in no apparent danger & wanted to avenge my friend as we have been friends for a very long time (roleplay wise) Then I quickly run back to my car and skrrt off into another direction. I make sure nobody is following me, which they didn't. They were searching for me in a completely different area than where I initially shot from. I sneak around and decide to walk out of a house slowly, because well. They never saw me & should have no clue that I was the shooter. They force me to put my hands up, which I do. Then they rob me for 21k which IDC about. Then they tell me "You are going to be executed because we saw you shoot our friend in the back", which is complete bollocks as like I said, they were searching in a completely different area than where I initially shot from. I try to save my life, by saying I am only in the area because I just met a buyer for a few curry packets, explaining why I had some change on me. They keep insisting that I was the shooter, which they should have no idea of unless they saw it in game chat. The video ends right before they shoot me because I ran out of memory on my PC. I delete a few videos in my HDD to attempt to clip the last bit, but I was having issues my pc freezing and lagging out, which resulted in me not getting the clip of them shooting me; but instead you can see that the NLR is where I was held at gunpoint after shooting one of their guys. I complied the entire time like I always do when I am outmanned, and outgunned. Yet they shot me because apparently, they KNEW I was the shooter because they saw me? Once again, complete bollocks since I made sure nobody followed me or anything. I wanted to call them to TS, but since I didn't lose much & I know they are toxic from earlier experiences while watching ConwayKettle's stream and seeing them be toxic in sidechat, I decide not to, as it would only frustrate me further. They keep saying that I HAVE TO resolve with them, which I don't because admins have told me this rule has been changed. This is a roleplay server, not exile. Nor wasteland. Just because you are roleplaying as a rebel does not give you the right to go around robbing & killing EVERY single person you see. There is more roleplay than that, such as selling curry packets to police officers. I am sure most people on this server can agree with that. I am getting sick of people roleplaying this way & it needs to end, since it is ruining both my immersion and pissing me off. What pisses me off more is the fact that they metagamed knowing I was the shooter. If they didn't metagame it I would like to see a video where they see me shooting him, which I know doesn't exist, because. Well, simply they never saw me. Thank you for your time reading. Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes
  7. I still dont get why you shot me even tho I complied.
  8. When I say I've seen you do this alot, I meant your gang. And yes, I accidentally pressed yes because I am used to it, & you don't have to resolve anymore apparently. I was intoxicated at the time and thought I had my AR in my bag which I put in the car & you shot me even tho I looked down and made no attempt to shoot you. You could've easily reported me if I did shoot you since that would be no value of life. But the fact that I pointed down into the floor & you still shot me does make me think you are kill hungry. You also didnt value your life when I found you later on, and just hopped out the car with a weapon even tho we had 4 people around you, which was pretty poor from you. Why not roleplay? This is why I am making a report so you can learn from your mistakes and maybe roleplay next time. Not every "get out the car" is shit RP. Try roleplaying with Patel next time you'll actually enjoy yourself more than lying dead on the floor & having all your shit stolen. Same goes for me, I was trying to put my hands up when you shot me, which you can see. My gun is pointed towards the ground & I am no threat at all to you, and you still shot me. I told you before I was hopping out that I would have a pistol in my hands, due to arma mechanics & my friend also did just incase you couldn't hear me from inside the car. You had every chance in the world to wait for me to put my hands up, but yet again. You still shot me. Which is why I think you are kill hungry. & @Dave (Blyatman)was in the car. Sick roleplay you had "Last guy out the car or you die" cmon man, if someone is clearly AFK you can atleast wait for them to come back, he was in the toilet or whatever he was doing, yet again. No threat all to you but you still shot him. I say you're kill hungry, and thats my opinion.
  9. In-game name: Rakeesh Patel Name of the player(s) you are reporting: [NK LAFFGOD][ Date of the incident: 11/09/18 Time of the incident: 1.20 am What rule do you believe was broken: shooting me although I was complying, not giving me enough time Any evidence available: https://youtu.be/OO6FeQjy-CI Describe the incident: Just wants a reason to kill, i've seen them do this alot & they either just rob them naked and then leave them, or they kill them because they don't comply, shit roleplay and it makes me mad because I was having fun RP with my gang then they just roll up and f&&& it up. I told him I was going to hop out with a pistol (since arma3 mechanics), I pointed straight down and he still shot me. Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes
  10. +1 sounds like a really cool idea, I can see the gameplay expanding a lot if this gets implemented. Would be a nice lil thing for a hobo that is doing a moonshine run, >sidechat: wat is an ancient key >ILL BUY IT FOR 2M +1+1+1+1

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