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  1. Albiston

    hunter ifrit strider are the only mraps
  2. Albiston

    Good work mate! The red skin is amazing
  3. Albiston

    Disagree, the pay checks go up as you progress through the ranks and you get money from tickets so roleplay = money. Cops don’t need to gain any more money as it is, we spend 30k every time we regear tops.
  4. Albiston

    -1 same reason as @Scott McTavish, too many tags
  5. Albiston

    Agreed, eastern side of the map rarely gets any attention from police but that is mainly because all the good traders are south west of the map but we do need to start spreading out!
  6. Albiston

    Dw I didn’t find out about combat stance until 1000 hours
  7. Since the restriction for spawning within your nlr was added, cops have not been able to respawn in bz if their nlr is close enough. my suggestion is to lift the restriction from police or remove the rule: 5.6 Police may spawn back at a bluezone if they do not leave the bluezone for their NLR duration as long as no attack on the bluezone is taking place.
  8. That nearly made me have a heart attack how close you were 😱!
  9. Albiston

    police suggestions always go through command and not the forums but regardless I can tell you that this would instantly get denied. I do believe that these are American terms and reborn is based on altis being part of the uk so it would feel out of place and in my opinion it sounds very cringe.
  10. Albiston

    Should do the ghost hawk event again!
  11. Albiston

    Police are suppose to reward RP, like @Danielsaid if you have any evidence file a PCC and the said officers will be dealt accordingly
  12. Albiston

    Gl lads hope to see you in base bidding
  13. Albiston

  14. Albiston

    It’s to do with the faction you are in so bluefor has blue markers opfor has red. I don’t have a huge issue with the colour as it’s blue for me but people in BW may want the freedom to change their colour. Not sure if civ markers are purple but if someone can confirm colour would be great. +1 from me

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