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  1. lovely work from alex jackson ❤️
  2. Happy birthday brother x

  3. Albiston

    Rebel HQ

    This is giving me green mountain vibes 😂 just need the huge fuck off lighthouse ^^^ With the amount of rebel outposts around Altis I don’t think a gz is even needed for rebels. Maybe Blackwater arms trader could be converted into a gz making it safe and only accessible through juicy roleplay. Would also give Blackwater something else to do!
  4. After recieving a video from the reported, it shows them initiating on you from a distance that you should be able to hear. I would recommend looking into your settings to see if voice over net volume is turned off. Report Denied
  5. Albiston


    8 Police gangfunds will win its not worth it
  6. It's clear you do not understand the RTC rule. Report Accepted.
  7. Albiston


    30 mil buy now price 😂 I’ll start the bid at 6 mil they aren’t worth 10 mil for starting bid
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