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  1. The messenger bag 😍
  2. This seems to be a case of wrong place wrong time. @Neko Fox @Jay Schink Would you like to compensate @SiloEMP
  3. @Neko Foxwould you like to explain yourself
  4. This report is beginning to get out of hand @paradoxdo you still want comp from @Xander?
  5. Unless he moved out from that rock, he wouldn't of been able to see your msgs.
  6. Ive seen it so many times. Makes me laugh because it has some right <inappropriate2>s in the back of it and you know they are gonna get grilled by their mates
  7. Albiston


    Huge +1 it should be moved out of the bottom right red zone and put into a location that is closer to the majority of players as it’s own redzone. I think the best balance to putting it into a popular location is to make it work like a capzone, in order to purify you must capture the zone first.
  8. Yes you would need to compensate as you only initiated on the Mohawk. ALT 1/2 is a direct initiation on only the occupants inside the vehicle not them and everyone else in the area.
  9. Albiston


    Mass unban of what like 5 people 😂 We had one in September so there’s no need for another

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