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  1. Albiston

    I like that you’ve brought this up because it’s made me rethink my idea and that maybe smaller tier donations can have a private ts channel for a lower amount of time. ive done the math so for every £8.33 donation past let’s say £20, gets rewarded with a private ts channel for an extra month. £20 being for 2-3months default. £28.33 +1 month £36.66 +2 months £49.99 +3 months and so on... You have also brought up a good point here too. My suggestion to tackle this problem would be to have supporters have their own section of ts (like they do now) and then have a separate section of the ts for gold donaters. This way supporters can still show off their generosity and pride to the server without being mixed with lower tier donations. I’d have to disagree with your opinion here simply because i feel like it is the server giving a little extra to the players in its community that spend their own money to support the server
  2. Albiston

    I know that your not paying for the channel so you don’t have to keep telling me!!! I was simply suggesting to lower the private ts channel bonus to a lower value because for someone to donate £100+ they have to be rather wealthy as it is and I don’t feel that the bonus reward shouldn’t be that much
  3. Albiston

    In all honesty it doesn’t have to be £10 maybe £25 maybe £50. £100 is just to expensive for something that as you said you can get much cheaper. I know it’s a bonus for a players generousity to the server but I feel that the bonus should be lowered as £100 is very pricey and not many people can afford to donate that much
  4. Albiston

    I know that it’s a reward for supporting the server, I said that in my post, I simply just want the reward to be at a lower price.
  5. Personally I don’t agree with having to pay £100+ to get a private channel in the ts. I’d rather have it be £10-£25. I know that it is only a perk for donating your money out of free will but £100 is rather expensive, leading me to suggest a lower donation price for the privilege.
  6. Albiston

    But if your asleep in your bw bunk and you hear gunshots it’s gonna wake you up 😂 -1
  7. Albiston

    To cheat you must be dumb but to expose yourself and send it to an admin to get a vdmer banned is just on another level 😂
  8. albiston is awesome


    big love

    1. Albiston


      love you too xx

  9. Albiston

    Frag montage was decent as everyone else said less car rips and rip all officers at the beginning as we rushed 1 by 1
  10. Albiston

    Anti-terrorism response unit... that’s what you tell civilians
  11. Albiston

    Patrolling with vinny you’ll hear “there’s a fucking terrorist over there” a lot xD. Jokes aside well done vinny proud to see ATRU making its stamp across Altis
  12. Albiston

  13. Albiston

    ❤️ Nice frags mate keep it up ❤️
  14. Albiston

    Good luck with your streams!
  15. Albiston

    In-game name: Albiston Name of the player(s) you are reporting: 66485 - Atlas Date of the incident: 11/03/18 Time of the incident: around 00:30 What rule do you believe was broken: Spin to win and failrp Any evidence available: https://plays.tv/video/5bdec1175f7eff1fe2/oof Describe the incident: Had a gunfight with two civs with both of them being downed, once the medic arrived and revived 'Atlas' he proceeded to tell me that he was healing himself because 'he was gonna die'. After he finished the animation he spun around and killed me. Couldn't resolve the situation with him as it was late at night and I had to come off. Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. No

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