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  2. 'We're currently loading up a backup server due to the ddos.' The server should be up soon, wait patiently whilst we work on bringing up the server.
  3. Albiston


    Report Resolved.
  4. Max of 8 people in tfu patrol and has to be 15 pc+ for them to even go rz now. You’re gonna hardly see cops in rz now because of the new restriction so it isn’t a major issue. The money cops get from cap leaderboards is quite helpful as it allows us to comp people when the police fuck up. Surely if you are a rebel gang and see cops/bw on the leaderboards wouldn’t that make you wanna go caps and get on top? Bit off topic but cops barely shoot people in the back, half the time it’s actually bw on star or killswitch 😂
  5. Cap kills aren't working :/

    1. S T A N D U P

      S T A N D U P

      No you're just not good enough to get on to the cap kills board... xxx

    2. Albiston


      Its working now wolly

  6. Reborn plus days are long gone. A modded server would divide the playerbase even more.
  7. Constabulary Command Units have been scrapped and replaced with indiviudal units. The new chiefs and deputies for their respected units are: TFU Chief: Steffex Deputy: Adam NCA Chief: Charlie Deputy: Mrmotty NPAS Chief: Xat Deputy: Cheesecake Kind Regards, SI Albiston Police Command

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