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  1. Hansen with the big D ❤️

  2. [PoA]Euka!

    Lantis Report

    @Connor Bensonive stated all the evidense i can to you in TS, where i actually waited 25min after this guy did not want to talk civil. I dont see reason to record every conversation. Ive done nothing wrong, and this is lieing through his teeth if you just take 2min to look at the TS logs. Sorted big misunderstanding with liason channels. comped
  3. [PoA]Euka!

    Lantis Report

    AGain the only reason im responding to this post is becasue im tired of being accused of shit i dont do, and people always asking "do you have recording of that" You never showed up in the liason room, can you please show video evidence of this conversation? This conversation did not happen. Oh it did and you even had anoteher guy in the channel
  4. [PoA]Euka!

    Lantis Report

    Im deadly tired of having to respond to these kind of claims where i apparently have to even record teamspeak conversations, when theres a log showing i switched and it adds up with the ingame time where i told you "when im in safety" I should not have to, you can see from the logs, that he was in there and i was in there. and i left.
  5. [PoA]Euka!

    Lantis Report

    The proof is right there.
  6. [PoA]Euka!

    Lantis Report

    I was standing behind the toilet, i said "alright dont do anything stupid now, hands up and dont go in your boat" you proceded to go in your boat and i shot you. You called for me to come liason or "am i going to report you" - I did indeed come to Liason However you can choose to look at is as "Not a threat" with you saying "are you going liason or am i reporting you? https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/779606939215836421/8E7BB3D1FF0A9A36357AE44EDFFDBC1302EC73B4/ I did indeed go to liason, tried to solve the issue with you, and you backtalked me and litearly said "im so tired of you", i told you i would not do it this way and we could go and solve it with an admin in support, and you said "yea you go do that" - Oh and in addition when i asked you "why did you go in the boat" you even said "IT WAS TO GO TO YOU YOU IDIOT" which contidicts this whole post.. Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes I gave the user a chance to go liason, he told me "I will go there when I am in safety", but he never showed even 10 minutes after the server restart he never came to resolve. I went and said all the above. My question is why are you Lieing so much on this report? I can see from your video the enitiation could not be heard, no earplugs+watersound is a bitch. But i was behind the toilet literaly 10m from you. You threaten me to come TS stright away or "im going to report you" i go stright away, you talk shit to me, and i tell you i wont have it and we can do it maturely with a admin, and you say "yea you go do that": I find this whole report false. <16:55:20> You switched from channel "Lobby" to "Police Liason Room 1" <16:55:20> Channel group "Guest" was assigned to "Euka" by "RebornRoleplay Teamspeak". after listing to you shittalk me and say "ive had enough of you" <16:56:28> You switched from channel "Police Liason Room 1" to "Support Waiting Room - Not a chat room" Why the fuck you lieing?
  7. [PoA]Euka!

    Bounty Hunting

    Had this on a previous server, where you would get location of the people, and be able to use the same radar system as cops used to "scan license plates". It was abused heavily for either "RDM enitiation" or simply to metagame finding groups and people. I like the idea, but it would really need supervision and strict rules.
  8. Personal killboard gone +1

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    2. Albiston


      Just because the majority of the people dont share the same opinion as you, doesn't mean that this forum isnt a forum of free discussion. Say what you like but be prepared for backlash if its an unpopular opinion


    3. [PoA]Euka!


      Oh i dont care for the backlash, its more the attitude of it. I dont see much civility. But hey its just my opinion right?

    4. andrew.


      How dare people sarcastically disagree with my opinion!

  9. "peope" need to change their general attitude on the server, thats atleast set in stone.. he point is cops and blackwater should not be on the leaderboard. The leaderboard should exist to encourage activity in rebel life as people have already said there are barely any gangs and next to no gang activity since whitelisted factions are so cosy. "sighs" People need to go to specsavers. was my point. You got it! 👏👏👏
  10. Alright, ill try to see if i can get some action going on there then. Still in love with the community.
  11. Just stating my opinion and observations. And apparently they can respond to guncrate zones, i saw that earlier and thats qualified as a capturezone since NLR isnt present there, and i had that discussion before.
  12. Oh i must have missed it many times, im so used to going upstairs to check. Thanks.
  13. 1. You already get a lot of money for even holding the spots. It may state 2k pr person pr zone, but thats not right after 10people or so are online and you hold even one, you get a lot of money. So reducing the already high 20m 10m and 5m rewards, does not seem like a "stupid" or idiotic idea. Considering the constand cashflow from holding these points in the first point. 2. Im pretty sure people would lose a little interest, because the price is kinda high right now, 20m may not be a lot to hugh gangs and such, but it is a decent amount of runs, and it more than covers the cost of having no NLR and going back there. + the constand cash flow for holding them. 3. Cops are not responding to gas station robberies, Area 51, or even federal recently, even the gallery just south of kavala dont even get any attention (even though its not worth it to use 3-5 min to get 50k now). Ill get a lot of hate, but i think its pretty obvious that cops would rather go to the zones and "get combat and kills" than deal with other stuff. - as for blackwater, you cant even rob that vault since it needs 10bw members on and when did that happen last? 4. Nothing wrong with having a scoreboard, im all for the combat. I just feel the priorities are wrong as of now on the server. "sighs"
  14. Set down the rewards by 50%. Then cops and bw will start focusing other stuff, like robberies and heists.

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