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  1. I should be in Teamspeak right now, but I am not that often on there - I am always available on discord though if you'd be happy to resolve there, my discord is Vincent#6330
  2. vicnu


    In-game Name: Siirup Steam ID: 76561198193717228 Date of the incident: 06/15/19 Time of the incident: 22:00 GMT+2 Link to player report: Lost Items and Estimated Value: Cash, 150K Please provide as much detail as possible: I went to North Kavala Rebel Outpost to buy gear, I parked it next to the building and there was a SUV in-front of me. Nobody inside it. I got out and me and the other car started desyncing, but no human interaction between the two. One of them then exploded and killed me as well. Any Evidence Available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_X46kMdjHrM
  3. In-game name: Siirup Name of the player(s) you are reporting: micro Date of the incident: 06/15/19 Time of the incident: 23:00 GMT+2 What rule do you believe was broken: 10.2 Any evidence available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdhtXRGwWbc&feature=youtu.be Describe the incident: This is quite a simple situation, we were capping church and I went to locate the sniper on the other hill, while I was hovering above him one of his friends (micro) used his hummingbird to crash into me. I invited micro to teamspeak, he came and started bringing up some older situations and avoiding the topic, I told him "Are you going to compensate or not?" he denied, so here I am. I did not threaten to report. Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes
  4. vicnu

    Siirup Report

    Let's put this into context- I am a professional soldier with full gear: Spar-16 with most attachments, vest, etc... basically ready to go into warfare. Then a random homeless guy with a consumer-grade pistol comes to rob me, you think I'd really be willing to give up? I can take a few shots of 9mm in the worst case scenario, but most likely It is going to go down as me being a trained fighter vs a street mugger which is of no problem to me. This exact scenario was proven in the clip as well, It took a few seconds to de-escalate the whole situation.
  5. Hello, This is Siirup from Heaven. I think it is more appropriate for me to answer, because I was the one intiating, not Kissell. I'd like to point out that, threatening to life, which is an important part of initiation can be done visually on this server. As seen from the video, I was pointing a gun at the car (0:43). DeclanS said that the guys who got VDM'ed initiated on DeclanS and his friends, but me and my friends (Heaven) are not associated with Perkerne, the gang who got VDM'ed. We just happened to be driving by and went to see what's up. Therefore we were not involved in any way in the traffic accident and did not break rule 1.7.
  6. Okay, whats the amount?
  7. In-game name: Vicnu Name of the player(s) you are reporting: Matrox (Blackwater) Date of the incident: 01/24/19 Time of the incident: 20:15 GMT+2 What rule do you believe was broken: I believe that Matrox has broken the rule for threatening to report twice. Any evidence available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BV7WUV8uQ8E&list=UUF8quu-lhrgovRPVpBb85Kw https://gyazo.com/942ca03b2a5e0f44b5fb267b2e28f1c4 Describe the incident: We had a situation with a gas station robbery, it was a bit messy, we killed Matrox, after that he instantly comes into our gang discord and starts disrupting us and at the end of the clip he says "comp or report" multiple times. Later at 8:31 PM GMT+2 he sent me a message on discord and the message is linked in the gyazo. Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. No
  8. Hello I have to say, I haven't taken a look at the rules in like a month or so and unfortunately I had forgot about the rule which me and Urma broke, I admit, we are in the wrong here and would like to apologize. There is one thing I would like to note out though, you did not try to resolve the issue with us, you just said "Have you read the rules?" in-game, but it's fine. On my part, I will give the rules a fresh look and try not to make a mistake like this again. This message is on behalf of me and Urma. Sincerely yours, Vicnu
  9. vicnu

    Vincenzo (TS ban)

  10. In-game name: Vincenzo (TS ban) Steam ID: 76561198193717228 Date of ban: 06/15/18 Reason for ban: First I'd like to note out, that I do not remember the exact date of my teamspeak ban. Secondly I do not remember, why I was banned but a staff member has put the reasoning as "lmao". Staff member that banned you: Don't know Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: I unfortunately don't remember the details of my ban or the reasoning behind it. Why should we unban you? I would like to be unbanned, because I have no bad intentions or plans to disrupt the peaceful time people are spending on the teamspeak server. My only wish is that I would be given a chance to contact support verbally and get a better understanding of why I was banned in-game for racism. I in all honestly don't understand the mistake I made and I would be very grateful, if given the chance to learn more about it. I am not going to ramble on about my in-game ban here, as it is not directly related to this unban appeal.
  11. vicnu


    In-game name: Vincenzo Steam ID: 76561198193717228 Date of ban: 01/02/19 Reason for ban: Racism Staff member that banned you: Kral Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Yes, I got banned because of the situation that happened moments before my ban, because I hadn't received a report or anything like that or someone calling me out for racism and inviting to TS to talk about it. I was bleeding out waiting for a medic near Kavala, in hopes that the rebels around the area would go about their day and I could potentially live with my gear. When the medic got close, a few BlackWater members reappeared and told the medic who he/she can revive and who not to revive (me and my friend). I was a bit pissed off, because We lost our gear so just swore them off with fuck you fuck you multiple times and saying that they still live in 2018, just as an insult. I also said fuck their mother, cousin and sister. As far as I know, saying fuck you isn't racist and neither do I remember saying anything racist before that. I did however say, that one of them was gay but thought that could be unacceptable and corrected myself right after that with "sorry, I mean't stupid person". Still, telling someone that they are gay is not racist, because the two are not related. Why should we unban you? I should be unbanned because I don't see how I broke the rule for racism in any shape or form.
  12. Hello, this is Vincenzo trying to clear things up. We intended on robbing these two, but acted hotheaded and made a terrible mistake. When we got out, we heard Matt speaking, which made me shoot out of reflex. I instantly thought that he was initiating on us, because that is what has happened every single time before this incident. I shot out of reflex. After that then combat begun and my friend shot the other guy. I know it's a stupid mistake, me and Riccardo are still very new to Roleplay servers and might make a few mistakes here and there. I cannot comment on the racism, as I did not have any part in that. We would both like to apologize in hopes that you forgive us. We are currently really enjoying the server and want to learn how to roleplay better and make it more fun for everybody. Best regards, Vincenzo & Riccardo

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