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  1. ₳lex

  2. ₳lex

    U can buy an ams for 75 k at rebel and u sell for 90 ??????
  3. ₳lex

    just recreate the gang or if its big maybe admins can fix it in some sort i dunno
  4. ₳lex

    When u play as a rebel but then wanna go on as a medic but forget to remove ur gang tag big big BIG 1+ But i think its would look better if u could choose what letters should be in the gang tag when you create the gang.
  5. ₳lex

  6. ₳lex

    1.5 Please can you provide a picture of the object.
  7. ₳lex

  8. ₳lex

    +1 Lost 2 mil cuz i couldn´t cancel yesterday.
  9. ₳lex

    Oh yup i have met him before... 1+ long time ago mr.cbjo did the same thing to me. how r u supposed to start trust ppl if they cant even play with u..
  10. ₳lex

    !!Item sold!!!
  11. ₳lex

    Best thing you can do is to go out with his name and warn all the other gangs.
  12. ₳lex

  13. ₳lex

    U got it sir!
  14. ₳lex

    4 mil Can pick it up later today
  15. ₳lex

    Item: TRU Quillin Proof of ownership: just pm for proof or it will come later Buy now price: 2.2 Starting bid:1 Minimum bid increment: 100k End date: 2018-12-10

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