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  1. Please archive we done here @Antjo
  2. Went away for a couple of days come back and im banned for Hacking. Just wanna know why.

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    2. —Alex—


      Sure ur right o could have sent u a dm on the forums but u have blocked me on discord. Not trynna be ”gangster” and my bad if it came out that way.

    3. —Alex—


      And i have appealed it to Ryans was just seeking an answer on why i was banned.

    4. Neo



  3. U are allowed to sell via auction it does not count as illegal activity.
  4. @_Jared_ they go for 2.5-4m and selling vehicles as a cop can be done at any time.
  5. I am taking the piss pbv he is looking for police hunters
  6. Oh god u sure i swear u can cut medic cars?
  7. No i think he meant medic hunter...
  8. No one asked u to comment so if u don’t mind. Get off my page. Denied
  9. Not bad but them skinned wheelsssss idk my guy
  10. Requirements - Must have atleast 1000 hours (Exceptions can be made) - Must know all Cartels and Major callouts - Must be able to speak fluent English - Must be financially stable - Must be active Template: Name: Previous gangs: Hours on arma: Bank balance: Why do you want to join Authentic: Vouchers: Roster Recruitment status: Open
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