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  1. We dont wanna let the bushcampers down!
  2. Sometimes people gets banned becouse their logs looks really suspicious n stuff i would suggest putting up a perm appeal : https://www.rebornroleplay.com/forms/25-permanent-ban-appeal/ And just say as it is and u will prob get unbanned.
  3. Use this template mate Item: Proof of ownership: Buy now price: Starting bid: Minimum bid increment: End date: and btw police qillin dosen’t rly go for more than a normal one
  4. —Alex—

    Sell bodyparts

    Now this is getting wierd!
  5. In-game name: Posted for AustiN Steam ID: 76561198296644988 Date of ban: 01/03/19 Reason for ban: DDOS, leaking an IP and Casino Exploit Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: My ban was fully justified and what I did was a cuntish and mean thing. I regret doing this and wont ever do something like this again, it was dumb of me and I know I can do better. Why should we unban you? I Have waited out my time for appealing, and hope I can get back into the community. I know what I did was very disrepectful towards my friends at the time but, I wont be doing anything like this again. I hope the community, admins, owners and helpers can forgive my actions and let me have a chance at redemption. If I get a chance at redeption I will NEVER do such a thing again. I know myself that I have changed and given a chance I could show you what this community means to me. I have worked on myself these past months, I have focused on school and tried my best. As for duping I got lazy, I know its no excuse but I wont ever be doing that again either. I should have just played by the rules like the rest of the community instead of tryig to gain an unfair advantage because of my laziness. I hope you can forgive and that my words have convinced you enough to give me a chance. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my appeal. <3
  6. Just do it with the taru the dosen’t have a container thingy under it so that can make a purpose
  7. 11 starting sheit!
  8. —Alex—

    Alex. Report

    Right after i initiate everyone are screaming initiated? And u say ”da” or what it is and im pretty sure thats yes @Kralcould u do me a favor and pin point what they are saying And when we were resolving 2 admins and a com support told u its not rdm

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