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  1. Yeah I just meant bring it into a more concentrated area for gang wars didnt mean that exact area just a rough estimate of how things would work and where they would be placed. But bringing it down closer to the south bases is what i meant by that the marking was just a rough guess.
  2. Instead of removing the North gang base there are other alternitives. Currently there are 3 Big gangs, Sinity, Disease and Careless. The reason people dont fight the North base which is owned by sinity is because the only spawn point which is close to it is Pyrgos and if you were to spawn there and are in need of gear you must drive all the way through Redzone to make it to West rebel and then drive back up to fight sinity. If you were to spawn Pyrgos and drive to west it would be easier to then just drive down to the south bases which is what happens. If there was a rebel closer to the North base it would be more active, its as simple as that. I believe that if there are only 2 Bases that people will complain about not being able to gear as there will be more fights around each spawn point and if you die at your base in the south you can spawn Feres but if there was only 2 bases it would remove that and it would make you need a Group house or spawn Pyrgos. I believe that instead of losing a base it should simply be moved closer to the current gang bases in the south of the Redzone. Below west rebel there is alot of open space apart from 1 smaller compound with a few deerstands and a command. I believe that the Sinity gang base is moved to this area which will create a Triangle type rotation for pushes. With the gyazo I have linked you can see how the rotation would work but also how each Rebel Gearing stations fit into it. Each Gang base has a store inside of them but if the sinity base was to be moved to "Gang Base 3" each base would have their own store and then atleast 2 rebel gearing stations to goto. Feres would be a spawn point which would be accessable by the most southern base and the Gang base 3 but not for the middle base. To counter this as there would be ALOT of fights around there could be another spawn point added to smaller town more northern in the Red Zone. https://gyazo.com/10daabb1d53b344d6d070057ac245d5b
  3. out ere looking like the FA cup with a high vis 

    1. athero


      Indeed Buzzcut

  4. song slaps and you didnt rip me in a para n1
  5. i called it smh...
  6. @JackMcan you buy this back please thanks!
  7. n1 [Hydra] J O S H / PAR. Josh Duncan

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