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  1. I have no idea what happened and I wasnt beefing I was just saying I wasnt even on
  2. I heard this montage right here is approved by the NATO man himself
  3. not complaining about them slamming I didnt even play I'm just saying the amount of mraps makes it for the holding side a snore just mix it up and get mraps and qilins not only mraps but idc really.
  4. Wasnt on as Infinity coz im BW but I've been handed a screenshot of how sup reclaimed the base https://gyazo.com/189ab55068830dbba6a2594ea10ad2f9 Damn you really didnt want to lose it like a min 10 frit slam fucking hell zzzzzzzzz
  5. athero.

    down script

    fact i dont even care about FPS or some other excuse I just fucking hate this down script legit get stuck on their fucking toes other ragdoll script was so much better
  6. Is the north gang base going to be added for this GW or next?

    1. hazza


      scared of not getting supremacy's

  7. and @Dodorexstill rarely buys mk1s when he was rebel smh
  8. athero.

    Gang Bases

    do both north and the DMT bases
  9. athero.

    Gang Bases

    Servers Canny Popping if you ask me, I say the big dev lads bring back north gang base meaning fights are more spread out coz of higher player base.
  10. less than 24 hours since reset of leaderboard so im requesting you slow down ty x

  11. Leaders @[email protected]@christiann Requirements - 1500 Hours exceptions can be made - Altis Life experience - No shit comms - Able to listen - Knowledge of banks and capture areas - Financially stable - Rebel Application Template In-game name: Age: Bank account balance: Previous gangs: Hours on Arma 3 screenshot: Why do you want to join Infinity? Can any members vouch for you? Roster Apps will be replied to with either Accepted - Hold - Denied

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