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  1. Exkungen

    Kwis H Report

    In this case we presumed you had them in since you tried to run away when @Kwisiniated on you, if you didn't hear us you would've just step in your friends chopper and fly away. Also @Jagconfirmed he had them in as you can see from his reply above.
  2. Exkungen

    Kwis H Report

    I presume that everyone has earplugs in because you want to hear people roleplaying/talking especially with all the noise you get when flying a chopper,I highly doubt that you didn't have any earplugs in and you just use it as a excuse to "overhear" kwis his initiation.
  3. Exkungen

    Kwis H Report

    All we can see from OUR clip is that you ran away just when Kwis initiated on you so we're quite sure you heard us. You don't have any proof meaning you can't backup your arguments no matter what you say it's as simple as that. From our POV you can see us initiating on you and @Woody confirmed this counts as gang initiation meaning that @Kwis was allowed to shoot the heli.
  4. Exkungen

    Kwis H Report

    1. Then he why did he say yes to "Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue." ?????? 2. Like Kwis said a 100 times: The initiation could've been done better but the supports BOTH said it was valid. Could you provide a clip that you didn't hear it since I haven't seen any proof from you guys so far.
  5. Exkungen

    Kwis H Report

    He confirmed that he tried to resolve it, meaning that he acknowledges the fact that you went on teamspeak speaking for yourself and @Jag. In the conversation it got confirmed by separate supports that it was a valid initiation. I will like I said upload the teamspeak conversation this evening.
  6. Exkungen

    Kwis H Report

    Alright I will upload the clip tonight with @Kwisand @AustiN talking to supports where they BOTH said it was valid initiation to clear this up, it's not our fault that you disconnected and didn't try to resolve this on a later moment on teamspeak @Jag
  7. Exkungen

    Kwis H Report

    Hi I was the other gang member at the scene, we talked to 2 supports with your friend and they both said it was valid initiation, could u send me the video from your POV for review?
  8. First off all, the initiation started when u was outside of the vehicle u proceed to step in the vehicle when u are told to put your hands up. if i was you i would have gotten out of the car and put my hands up. but u decide to press W and D to drive away. u are not valuing your life at all. Also my friend was standing right behind you that means you have to surrender
  9. Name: Exkungen Age (Minimum of 16 y/o and some maturity): 19 Timezone: GMT + 1 Bank balance (screenshot): Around 3m Hours in ArmA (screenshot): https://gyazo.com/9f9a49bced478b2fa3af7aa8fb5ef49f Link to steam profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/exkungengosu/ Why do you want to join?: Because I noticed that your gang is based on Roleplay which I really like since I have a RP background and I like to join new start-up gangs with a fresh mentality and mindset
  10. A webpage that is dedicated to my cat with a slideshow that shows various pictures of my cat doing weird shit
  11. Good roleplayer, keep it up buddy!

  12. lmao you don't even knew what he did in the past with your so called prostution
  13. Mate, did Willem Holleeder hurt your personal feelings or something? Jesus just let them have their own gang name/background story.

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