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  1. Sir.

    To put this simply if you accidentally ram or hit someone and it looks even slightly intentional you get railed? Would go horribly in my opinion. Just do the usual and record it, would save lots of support cases. About the 2-3 times thing, accidents happen and depending where it is the accident can happen a lot. Not worth getting shot for to be honest. Would be abused far too much
  2. Sir.

    As we discussed in Liason, the reasons you did not hear our initiation was due to some people in your channel. I did not VDM you three times, if you'd shown the full clip it would show me stopping to apologise and giving you time to unflip. I also apologised in Liason for this. Your death in the end was clearly not VDM, we did not intentionally try to smack you down with a HEMMT. To my knowledge I only drove into you twice, and as I said I gave you time to get back on your feet and carry on, you ignored that to just get our your car and complain, even after that you had enough time. In the end you decided to leave the Liason room when I was saying I didn't think compensation was necessary, I was about to go and get Stephan to come back but you said it was nice resolving and left it. I have my POV ready to upload if needed, will take a while as it is 9 minutes long.
    1. sbondo1234


      woah crazy stuff right here

  3. Sir.

    I have a clip just after he died of us discussing and you can see dead people that remain, unsure it would help but it's there just in case. Does't involve him DCing though as my shadowplay is acting up. You also hear Mikey saying he will SS it showing it's the same sit. I'll upload if needed.
  4. Sir.

    For those underage a maturity test is carried out to see how they act, if you do well you are fine. I believe it tells you on the app how old you have be.
  5. Sir.

    If there is an option to turn it off most people will have to chose that during gunfights. If they don't it can put them at at disadvantage which seems slightly unfair to me.
  6. Sir.

    As said before, it's more of a RP sever than a combat server. Ruins the point of ghillie suits, grass is a nice and realistic effect. Taking it out kind of ruins that.
  7. Sir.

    In most cases legal vehicles can be cost more than illegal, for example using a Huron for a drug run.
  8. Sir.

    Makes sense when in perspective of Hemmets and such, but when thinking about things such as Ifrits it seems a bit too over powered to be able to get them crushed by police and still pull them for a quarter of the price. Same with vehicles like a Huron, the point is you are taking a risk using them. It feels as if these vehicles are designed to be rare and to get rid of that kinda ruins it. If there is a certain way it will work that won't have that effect then sure, but otherwise seems too good in my opinion.
  9. Sir.

    -1, most of the times I've spiked someone close by like this is because they are driving obnoxiously slow to bait an initiation, if you actually drove full speed to get away this would hardly happen to be honest, and when it does they are used more tactically. We try not to spike every car to make things easier so they can't drive off, or at least I personally don't.
  10. Sir.

    Just consistently play on CQC servers, practice is the main part. I'm not exactly good yet it has helped me improve from being god awful.
  11. Sir.

    In my opinion a variety of sea vehicles isn't really necessary, I literally never see them being used. Most of the time they just get a heli to hover just above the water to store things. If it's easy to add and won't have any downsides go ahead, otherwise seems like a waste.
  12. Sir.

    In-game name: Sir Name of the player(s) you are reporting: Juan Wik Date of the incident: 12/04/18 Time of the incident: 20:20 What rule do you believe was broken: Combat Logging Any evidence available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8AcEJE90z4&feature=youtu.be Describe the incident: Me and Nathan pulled this guy over in Kavala then they proceeded to run, once I had tazed him he disconnected from the server. This is the second time he has done this, the first I sadly do not have on record. Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes

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