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  1. Sir.

    Wanted List

    Although it can be viewed IRL, it's good people not having access. The whole element of finding out on the spot is enjoyable, I just feel it's good the way it is. If you want to know RP yourself past the gate at PD and figure it out for yourself, only costs 5k.
  2. Best hostage taking out there ngl, better than the usual shit show at Kore DMT. Nothing better than a rook 1V1 aha
  3. Sir.

    Ziffy RR2

    Should have known I'd be there after that at 2:04. That reaction tho aha N1
  4. Top fragger KillSwitch, feel sorry for that Hobo mid heal. n1
  5. More effort than I've seen anyone else put in, looking good as of now.
  6. Sir.


    Reason for this entire post btw: MK flying of course, killed us all aha Would make sense to remove the ability for this to happen, just causes time resolving.
  7. People doing it at night face a challenge as more people do the same no? Either way today I noticed barely any gangs doing caps during the day, so put some effort in there as well, we hardly had to fight anyone.
  8. Sir.


    Banjo moving up in the world. ❤️
  9. Sir.

    Police taser

    Half the time when you are running away from us it’s because we attempt to talk and you just take off. Yes being able to tase you is seen as pretty OP, yet half of the people that run are wanted for like a robbery and a man slaughter. It’s an RP server, talk to us, get a small ticket or simply a caution. And if you are in a vehicle that you crash that leads to you being on foot, as harsh as it sounds, just don’t crash. There are simpler ways out in most of these situations yet people always choose the hard ways out and are then hit with hard consequences. We don’t bite, talk to us about it. A good enough RP reason can often get you out of a situation entirely or reduce the punishment to a price you are willing to pay. As I said, if you want to run be smart about it. The taser isn’t stupidly good it does what it is meant to, I’ve seen plenty a time police miss their first few shots.
  10. On the whole “irl” approach as far as I’m aware most car thefts don’t involve the guy having the keys. If anything just a slight delay from being inside to gaining control of the vehicle? Just as if the guy inside is actually doing something to get the car started.
  11. Helis are good for getting places quick yet the downside was it was almost impossible to initiate on someone from it. This is what made it balanced. So we’re just throwing that out the window and then allowing people to initiate via direct chat on a mic only server from a bench? Nah mate none of that please.
  12. +1 literally never see the mayor, would make more sense for it to have more insentive.

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