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    2. Albiston


      Funny thing was his friend sobbed him in to temple 😂😂😂

    3. Spacearmy73


      actually well fuming at @RomillyNfor that now. All I did was destroy my base by accident, was that enough torture, the piston door took hours to build.

    4. Albiston


      Ahahah 😂

  1. Sir.

    Assburgers Report

    Closed due to lack of response by the reporter.
  2. Sir.


    Unfortunately you require evidence to prove anything happened, otherwise we cannot compensate you. Denied.
  3. Sir.

    Assburgers Report

    Has this been resolved @Bobby Stone& Alex?
  4. Denied due to lack of evidence.
  5. Sir.

    Johnson 5691 Report

    Compensation has been given. Report closed.
  6. Sir.

    Johnson 5691 Report

    MK1/Scope + gear is equal to around 230k, not 150k. If both parties @L. Johnsonand @Yuuagree to this I can transfer this money without you having to do so yourselves to get this dealt with.
  7. Sir.

    Johnson 5691 Report

    Giving @Yuu24 hours to respond, if no response the report will be denied.
  8. Could you provide a longer clip of the entire situation? @Itz_GraveKeeper
  9. Sir.


    Houses are taken from you after a break of 2 months, and you cannot receive compensation for them. Denied.
  10. I can’t even get close to this I’m afraid, I acc go to sleep at night
  11. Sir.


    How long was this 'short time' @sc19910? Also your steam ID is needed, a 17-digit long number, (e.g 76561198130332300)
  12. Sir.

    sextypebeat Report

    Duplicate, closed & moved.
  13. Report Accepted Ban Issued.

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