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  1. Monkey


    Denied 2 day ban can't be appeal
  2. Monkey


  3. Monkey

    Pimp Report

    Accpted for combat logg
  4. Monkey

    The End

    Moved to perm ban appeals
  5. Monkey


    Denied Its your own fault that you drive over the rocks and then jump out aswell next time avoid the rocks
  6. Denied Beceasue no respons
  7. Monkey


    Accepted Remeber next time to give the person some time to comply
  8. Denied This player ID is not banned you get kicked like the MSG say you need to turn off your VPN
  9. Monkey


    Denied This player ID is not banned your only get kicked
  10. @giannis antetokounmpoany update ?
  11. Monkey


    Denied In my opinion after looking into your appeal, I don't really get the feeling that you know what you did wrong and that's why I keep you banned for now. You didn't put that much effort into your appeal that's why I have decided to deny your appeal.
  12. Monkey


    Denied a 7 days ban can appeal after 48 hours
  13. @giannis antetokounmpoTalk with him first and if he refuse to resolve it put a player report then we can continue with this
  14. @giannis antetokounmpoIf you look in your video you see on that time that you get rammed by the cop he also going down try first to reslove this with the cop

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