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  1. Big +1 also have that problem or maybe remove the fuction to break in in GZ
  2. Let us have our Gang Town 😂
  3. Monkey

    Air Taxi

    +1 But i think there need also a Taxi uniform beceause sometime’s i get shot when i am on duty as taxi. Taxi drivers look like a normal CIV and how can the rebels know from a distance that you are the taxi driver
  4. and this happend if you start a patrol with @Grim Reaper& @Jones Outlaw and this when we try to chase someone https://gyazo.com/f5c960edb3b1b327cebea4d1040d4ccd
  5. 🎉congratulations on your 2 year non stop in the cops🎉


    1. Frato


      2 years how does one last for that long lmao, gratz tho.

    2. Neo


      2 years, and still a shit hostage.

      Even his own police force shot at him



  6. I ask in a private Msg to him "did you say the R word to him and plz don't lie" and his answer was Yeah
  7. happy B-Day 🥧

  8. i need to add this from Connor* also i didnt think it would be such a big deal as @Charlie Pollin has an account to like his own posts, and when i went to a Admin they didnt even care, so me and a sloth started making accounts just as a meme not thinking it was a big deal and we get banned also i dont know if it matters but this wasnt even a rule until after we done it and Harry lewis put it on his status update.
  9. Who is @Antjo😂 i like him if he stop talking swedish in my private rooms 😂
  10. maybe do it like you have a option that you can choose beceause some people doesn't like that if you look on a forum profile and the video plays
  11. Monkey

    Chopper Shoppers

    +1 i ram them always over otherwise with a car but then also -1 maybe some people can fly a hele and land between it (its more the fact how you fly a hele and land it)
  12. Good Luck with your new gang
  13. Nope for a event you need to be on as CIV not as Cop

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