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  1. Give me your money im your 500th profile visitor





  2. Jim Gordon

  3. Jim Gordon

    do what yiu want but if i get banned i'll know your unreasonable
  4. Jim Gordon

    After watching yea sure now i see but instead you could also have said no thats not enough you said '' i have a spar'' and i comped you a sapr price but like i said countless times, im trying to resolve this by comping you further yet you dont even bother
  5. Jim Gordon

    they can check logg also as i told you you can come on and iull comp you
  6. Jim Gordon

    you said 100k was enough dont turn the story to your benefit, you could log on and come to me and i;ll give you the comp you need
  7. Jim Gordon

    sorry just saw we were initiated on all armed rebels i gave him comp for his gear and said sorry but i didnt know as they said shoot any one near peach field acting suspicious sorry if i casue any loss for you but tbh your friend did call me the n word so,
  8. Jim Gordon

    He is a good cop and the best french boy for patrols always follows sops +10/10 best french ever agian
  9. Jim Gordon

    looking for a gang that i can join
  10. Hi all i'm doing a Red Dead Redemption LiveStream in 20 minutes tune in at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpQw-JCghjhwIlZLxpkNU_w 

    See you then

  11. Jim Gordon

    + 1good meme
  12. Jim Gordon

    Hi all im hosting a deceit game session/ contest the winner gets 700k in Reborn -What does it take to enter? Deceit You can find it on Steam Added me as Friend on Steam Replied to this topic saying you want to enter - When will it take place? It will take place on the 28th of October on 19:00 -How long will the match be? We will do 5 matches Because Halloween ofc the one who got the most kills or most escapes wins If you got any other questions feel free to ask in the topic if not hope to see you on the 28th
  13. Playing Project Zomboid

    If any one is intrested message me over TS and i will add you

    - Jim Gordon

  14. Jim Gordon

    Can i Join???

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