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  1. whats up goldilocks where you at

  2. James McMuffin Hogg
  3. wait is this the same sparrow who taught me how to shift - or was that Clixy I’m bad with names oo big boy James in the Toyota picking up yats with his dad in the back seat cause he still hasn’t passed
  4. Eagle please maintain your toxicity before I make a call to Dominos head office regards pricey x
  5. Who trusted mc tism to reply to applications IGN: pricey Age;15 Why do you want to join Vertigo: dupe, cause drama, be toxic Bank balance: fuck knows it’s been a while Previous Gangs: avc ahahaha Hours on ArmA (screenshot): fuck knows haven’t logged in to steam for a bit Can anyone in the gang vouch for you? everyone
  6. 1301 content count and still has never posted a good song 

  7. Please tell me you don't listen to this
  8. Good luck gilbert
  9. It wasn't aimed at you don't worry My sticky keys turn on when I click pg up and pg down so much so I am not eligible.
  10. At least they don't snipe and shoot you in the back
  11. https://gyazo.com/16ac16c8815f68ab9b2ebfa4dc4058b7 Stick to roleplay
  12. College paying well sir?

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    2. Pricey's Dad

      Pricey's Dad

      I only understood half of that good sir. 

      As my young driller Pricey would say. Keep fragging. 

    3. Pricey


      I would never say that dad. As my og Dad would say " I spit bare muller"

    4. Scott McTavish

      Scott McTavish

      CCNA is networking training/certificate, it can help you get a better paying job if you have other experience and qualifications

  13. Where will vertigo resolve with other players if they have a problem then?

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    2. Fuel


      cool story bro, if you want I will go through your members and check ip's and ban anyone that has alt accounts in there, as thats what people are telling me.

      and Pricey I couldnt care what you think you run, but all the people that come onto the forum from your gang cause nothign but shit, Cool, Bobby, Hoggie, Pricey, Smally.


    3. Jamz


      Okay. There's no need to keep arguing about things guys.

      If you need to resolve with people, go to the top of Teamspeak to the Resolution rooms.

      Otherwise, if you do need Teamspeak channels, I would recommend asking for them back with reason nicely again instead of arguing for them, as that won't get ya'll anywhere 

    4. Thesoldier


      I'm just going to say this, since I've returned, there's a few members of the gang who have come very close to getting banned on the forums for some real toxic and childish stuff. Instead I chose to be nice and give out 0 point slaps on the wrist.

      If you're serious about being a gang here, stop treating the forum like you're own personal toxic sand box on a play ground.

      Act like adults, get adult things.

      Act like children, get treated like children, it's not that hard.

  14. Ahahaha I don't understand what you mean
  15. @KleeF you've done him there I wouldn't have that @Bob send shots

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